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I just created the draft of my next book in 23 seconds…..

That subject can’t be true, can it? It is, though I wasn’t exactly timing it. Last week I posted a Facebook Live video that reviewed The 12 Questions. Those questions are the things you must answer for the reader as a non-fiction author. I am publishing that book, The 12 Questions, at the end July. […]

The Bestselling “Golfer” – Alan McComas

This is a great story about a launch and a great book! Alan McComas is an all around great guy, and from Ohio, so that is a plus. He just released THE LAIDBACK LIFESTYLE: “Anyone can have it” this week. One thing I love is when authors live the life they describe in their books. […]

Jeff Yalden – Bestselling Author! —> BOOM!

Just a quick Friday shout out to my friend Jeff Yalden. Talk about hitting one out of the park, he just released his book out on pre-order. The release date is not until May 28th. Within 24 hours it became a Bestseller. The name of the book is BOOM:One Word to Instantly Inspire Action, Deliver […]

Orangetheory for Authors

This past Friday I participated in my very first Orangetheory class. For those of you who are not familiar with it, Orangetheory is an exercise establishment that runs only one-hour coach-led fitness classes. It is extremely scientific, as they manage your heart rate during the entire hour, with an emphasis on getting your heart rate […]

Grammarly – A Writer’s Best Friend

I am a firm believer in getting as much help as you can when you embark on new ventures. As an author, I love to write and create. I am not especially fond of editing. Nor do I have a desire to become an expert in the English language. In my books, Author Your Success […]

The Author Startup – The Fastest Way to Write Your Book

“What is the fastest way I can get my book done?” I pondered the question a minute. There is all this extravagant education out there on writing a book, filled with hundreds of things to do. But the truth is, you do 20% of the work for 80% of the result (The Pareto Principle). How […]

As an author, your greatest ally is MOMENTUM

As an author, your greatest ally is MOMENTUM. When I wrote Author Your Success, I lost momentum during the editing phase. I wasted at least three months. I was fortunate to have a strong support system of other authors to get me back on track. I saw others launching their books, and I also created […]

You Have To Start Somewhere

I posted this in one of my author mastermind groups, and it received such a great response, I thought I would post it here as well. *** YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE *** Around 22 years ago, I was sitting on a Thistle sailboat in the middle of Tampa Bay, FL. I had agreed to […]

BOOK: Build Your Dream Team by Candela Iglesias Chiesa

Wow! I just had a great interview for my soon to be released Podcast. Candela Iglesias Chiesa is the Bestselling Author of Build Your Dream Team: Leadership Based on a Passion for People. We had a great conversation about her passion for helping others change their mindsets and transition from team member to team leader. […]

BOOK: The Holy Grail Of Book Launching By Mimi Emmanuel

I had the pleasure to day of speaking with Mimi Emmanuel, the Multi-Bestselling Author. Her most recent book, The Holy Grail Of Book Launching, is one of my favorites, and was a huge help when it came time to launch Author Your Success. Mimi and I could have talked for hours. She has a wealth […]