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The BLUEPRINT to Launch your COURSE (or online business)

The game changer for me in creating an online business (I now have more than 3 I created this past year) was figuring out how to create it and release it (launch it, attract my ideal clients, etc…). I mapped it all out using Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Blueprint.  Jeff Walker just released his all-new “Product […]

How to create an online course – Jeff Walker’s PLF

There was one course and person that moved me from “happy I published a book” to internet entrepreneur with a very nice first (half year) income. That person is Jeff Walker and his course is Product Launch Formula (PLF for short). Wait, isn’t he just the “launch” guy? Actually no, the title is really a little deceiving. A few months ago […]

A River Runs Through It – The Fly-Fishing Incident

A month or so ago, I went on a fly-fishing trip in Oregon (don’t worry, this was a catch and release trip). But something happened on that trip that now has me convinced I am on the right path. It was a group of eight of us entrepreneurs, for a short retreat. We do some […]

How to “Jump” off and start your book!

Sometimes knowing you can do something (like write a book) is not enough. In fact, most of the time it isn’t. You need to know your why. You need to actually allow your dream to grow and become reality. BASE Jump: Finding Yourself in an Unfulfilling Professional World is a magnificent tool to help you get […]

Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author® Ray Brehm Featured in USA Today

Pretty Cool! From Press News Room: Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author® Ray Brehm Featured in USA Today FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ray Brehm, Founder of publishing company Dauntless Prose, was recently featured in USA Today, and acclaimed as one of “America’s Top Authors.” Anthem, AZ – August 21, 2017 – Ray Brehm provides inspiration to entrepreneurs through his enlightening writing, […]

As seen on CNN, CNBC and Fox News: Ray Brehm on America’s Top Authors™

A few months back, I had a super cool interview on America’s Top Authors™. It aired on CNN, CNBC and Fox News. If you have trouble sleeping tonight, take a peak it is about 7 minutes long. Greg Rollett (the interviewer) is one of my heroes and the founder of Ambitious.com.  

Using “Rapid Writing” to Finish the Draft of your Book

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Jyotsna Ramachandran of Happy Self Publishing on the topic of using rapid writing to finish your first draft. This quick podcast (11 minutes) gives all of my theories on publishing your first book in a nutshell. It just came out today. Check it out if you have a chance! http://happyselfpublishing.com/raybrehm/ In […]

I just created the draft of my next book in 23 seconds…..

That subject can’t be true, can it? It is, though I wasn’t exactly timing it. Last week I posted a Facebook Live video that reviewed The 12 Questions. Those questions are the things you must answer for the reader as a non-fiction author. I am publishing that book, The 12 Questions, at the end July. […]

The Bestselling “Golfer” – Alan McComas

This is a great story about a launch and a great book! Alan McComas is an all around great guy, and from Ohio, so that is a plus. He just released THE LAIDBACK LIFESTYLE: “Anyone can have it” this week. One thing I love is when authors live the life they describe in their books. […]

Jeff Yalden – Bestselling Author! —> BOOM!

Just a quick Friday shout out to my friend Jeff Yalden. Talk about hitting one out of the park, he just released his book out on pre-order. The release date is not until May 28th. Within 24 hours it became a Bestseller. The name of the book is BOOM:One Word to Instantly Inspire Action, Deliver […]