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As an author, your greatest ally is MOMENTUM

As an author, your greatest ally is MOMENTUM.

When I wrote Author Your Success, I lost momentum during the editing phase. I wasted at least three months. I was fortunate to have a strong support system of other authors to get me back on track. I saw others launching their books, and I also created a deadline for myself to publish it before Christmas.

It is one of the reasons that most authors suggest having a daily writing goal of at least 1000 words. Because once you lose momentum, or skip a day, it makes it that much easier to lose more the next day. Loss of momentum is a common problem with most people who start going to the gym right after New Years.

It is equally important for an author. Momentum is your greatest ally.

I have now discovered ways to avoid that loss during editing. I also stay aware of other areas that can be potential problems, and I work on my systems for those to keep myself engaged.

It isn’t always perfect, but sometimes the results can be incredible. I have created some great systems or fun ways to accomplish the things I have to do (but don’t necessarily always want to).

When I found that outlining from my mind maps was not an exercise I looked forward to, I created the Dauntless Chapter Framework. It asks six central questions of each chapter, to keep you focused on what is important. That keeps my attention, makes it fun and tends to keep you from adding in fluff.

I also found a way to handle the self-edit (read aloud) portion that makes it fun and kills two birds with one stone.

Momentum is important for your reader as well. You want to write in a way to keep your reader from losing momentum. If they do, they may move on to the next book.

Once I started looking at the momentum component of writing a book (especially if it is your first), I decided I needed a way to convey that to other soon-to-be authors. There should be a plan that removes the noise, and protects the momentum of anyone working on that first book.

That is why I came up with and wrote:

The Author Startup: A Radical Approach To Rapidly Writing and Self-Publishing Your Book On Amazon

It is coming out on February 28th.

If you feel like you would like to read it (it is short and to the point), the price is only $0.99 until it launches (you can pre-order on Amazon). Then it will increase to $2.99 sometime after publication.

You can pre-order here: The Author Startup

In any case, I hope you are having success with your writing and that you are always maintaining your momentum!



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