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BOOK: Build Your Dream Team by Candela Iglesias Chiesa

Wow! I just had a great interview for my soon to be released Podcast. Candela Iglesias Chiesa is the Bestselling Author of Build Your Dream Team: Leadership Based on a Passion for People.

We had a great conversation about her passion for helping others change their mindsets and transition from team member to team leader.

What I found most fascinating was some of the concepts she is teaching can be applied to new authors as well. For instance, she talks about experiencing the “Imposter Syndrome.” This is when fear takes over, and you feel you are in a situation you are not qualified to be in. This could be as a new team leader, but also as a new author.

I have experienced this myself, writing my own books. From what I understand, even the “greats” like Stephen King have that fear with each book they publish. The thought goes like this, “Is this the book where everyone discovers I am no good?”

Candela combats that in her book with some great techniques. One of them is knowing your avatar. Who are you writing for? If you focus on your avatar and knowing you can help them, you can push through the imposter syndrome. Based on her inspiration, I am basing an entire chapter in my next book (more on this next week) about it.

You can find out more about Candela at www.candela-iglesias.com.

If you are interested in her book, she has graciously given us access to the companion workbook FREE here: www.candela-iglesias.com/workbook




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