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BOOK: Intentional Thinking By Dale East

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dale East, Best-Selling Author of Intentional Thinking last week. First and foremost, Dale is just a great guy and very approachable. I loved our chat.

While we discussed mostly how he wrote the book, why and how he launched it to a Bestseller, I will leave that to the Podcast when it comes out.

Intentional Thinking is about learning how to live the life you deserve. If you have ever felt there is more to all of this existence than you are currently experiencing, this book is for you.

What personally resonated with me was the quote: “…..if you’re thinking and doing what the majority is thinking and doing, you’ll probably never be or achieve all that you are capable of.”

Furthermore, you are what you think. So, many times we have to retrain ourselves on how we think or process events. This book creates a system for that. You can choose happiness and fulfillment. You can choose to eliminate fear, worry and stress.

The great thing is, you can read his first three chapters free and see if the book is for you.

Check out: http://intentional-thinking.com/

There will be additional freebies from Dale when I publish his Podcast Episode.

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