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Grammarly – A Writer’s Best Friend

I am a firm believer in getting as much help as you can when you embark on new ventures. As an author, I love to write and create. I am not especially fond of editing. Nor do I have a desire to become an expert in the English language.

In my books, Author Your Success and The Author Startup, I recommend you hire a professional editor before publishing your book. But there are so many times when this is simply not practical. Enter Grammarly, my latest “WonderTool.”

Grammarly can give you extremely good reviews of your work, in real time. No more waiting and waiting to hear back from an editor. You can also edit almost anything. There is nothing worse than claiming to be an author, and then emailing or posting words that are not grammatically correct.

Here are some ways you can use Grammarly:

  • Each draft can be made better by using Grammarly (even before you send to an editor)
  • Proofread your emails for you
  • Proofread your Social Media posts for you
  • Proofread virtually anything you type anywhere (there is a browser plugin)

I hesitated to use it at first because I know that you should always have a professional editor.

But after seeing Ads for it for about a year, I finally gave it a shot. I had no idea how often I was using “the passive voice” or “unclear antecedents.” In fact, I didn’t know what either of those was until the software told me. That is another thing it does for you; it teaches you to write better (just by using it and correcting your errors).

It is FREE to use (there is a premium version – which I ended up buying), but it is worth checking out. You can paste a chapter of your book into it, and it will identify every potential problem.

If you are using a word too much, it will suggest 5 or 6 others. All you have to do is click on one of the alternatives, and it will replace it for you.

If your sentence needs rearranging, it will suggest what to do. You can just click once to correct.

I started using it for my website, books and every other chance I could.

I hope it helps you. You may find it helps clean up your chapters once you have that first draft and gives you more confidence.

It will also save time once you send to an editor because nearly all of the minor stuff will be gone ahead of time.

Since it is free, there is no reason not to give it a shot.


Check Out Grammarly


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P.S. This blog post was proofed by Grammarly.

P.P.S. The links on this page are affiliate links, but I would not recommend anything I do not use myself. If you prefer to Google “Grammarly” instead, it is easy to find as well.

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