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How to Format Your Book for Createspace

I have been through hundreds of hours on this topic myself. The truth is all I wanted was a reasonably good looking (i.e. professional) interior format for my book. More often than not, I ended up with heartache (and lots of wasted hours). Interior formatting is painful, unless you find the right tool.

Here is a list of what does NOT WORK well:

  • WORD
  • WORD Templates provided by Createspace
  • Scrivener Export to PDF (albeit I have not searched the entire LEARN SCRIVENER FAST course yet)
  • Pressbooks (this was my go to for my first couple of books, but only after 40 hours of setup – more on this below)

I even googled as many variations of “How to Format Your Book For Createspace” as possible.

The best I could come up with was Pressbooks. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you are an HTML and WordPress expert, it will work well. They have a platform attached to market and sell your book. But when I was working on the print version of “Author Your Success,” I ran into a page (chapter) that would not accept whatever carriage return (or HTML code) I put it. That is when I started looking again.

“It shouldn’t be this hard,” I thought to myself. I screamed. We don’t need to be professional formatters or learn that trade. We are writers; the formatting should be easy.

I know most people will say to farm out the work. I agree most people probably should. But there are two reasons I will not.

  • I like to have control.
  • Speed. I am constantly tweaking or coming up with new freebies, or changes to my books. I do not want to pay or feel worried that I may have to pay AND WAIT every time I make a change.

I started working with Vellum for my eBooks, and it is awesome. Regardless of what the format of the text is you dump in there, it comes out nice and clean.

Alas, they do not have a print book option.

One thing about me is, if I don’t like something, I always keep my eyes open. I will also use an inordinate amount of time trying new things out (at the expense of my writing I suppose).

So one day I was reading a post about different formatting tools. The post itself spouted the usual suspects (they all make those sound easy, and they aren’t).

But in one of the comments, someone subtly said, “Try REEDSY.”

I tried it, and I about fell out of my chair. It was incredible and unbelievably simple. I changed gears for my book “Author Your Success” and had it formatted and looking beautiful in 24 hours. I was hooked.

Here is a screenshot of my book:


Another BIG issue with formatting your interior is images. I have spent 100s of hours on this as well, trying to get them formatted correctly, only to have them altered by the interior formatter (Pressbooks, Word, Powerpoint). REEDSY handles them easily, with drag and drop and gives you control (just remember you want them to be 300DPI for print).

Oh yea, by the way, REEDSY is 100% FREE.

Their motto is: Formatting Should Be Free.

I may never use another method of formatting again (I say that knowing that people are developing better and better technology all of the time, so maybe that is not true).

They appear to make their money by creating a marketplace for editors.

There is one caveat: you can not force new chapters to start on the right-hand page. I contacted them, and they said according to the Chicago Manual of Style, that is not necessary. So, what do I know (except that I like it there)? However, I do not like it enough to suffer any of the other solutions to have chapters that always start on the right.

If you want to format for print on Createspace (or Ingram Spark), try it out (and thank me later – haha). They also have free courses on things like creating your audiobook.

How do I format my book for Createspace? Easy, REEDSY.



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