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How to Format Your Book for Kindle

This one is easy. There are so many options out there, that is both good and bad.

What I have figured out is you want to avoid copying and pasting as much as possible. That means if you are using Scrivener, or doing it in Word, you may be doing a lot of that. Scrivener can export to Kindle or Word, but there is a large learning curve and investment in learning the formatting (organizing your book is easy).

You also want it to look as professional as possible. Here is the issue. You can easily double or triple the time involved in creating the .mobi file for Kindle when you have to generate, load to your kindle and test it.

Here are some of the options:

Creating eBooks seems to be a lot easier than print, but you want to see if you can avoid the issues I mentioned earlier.

Let’s cut to the chase, and find the tool you may use for a long time.

I use Vellum. It is Mac only, so if you use windows, you might check out Reedsy. That is what I use for print.

Here is what I like:

  • Free to try and use until you actually want to export your work to eBook formats (from there you can pay $29 per title, by a pack of 10 for $99 or pay $199 for unlimited forever).
  • It shows you inside the tool how each page will look in each type of reader (iphone, ipad, kindle fire, kindle paperwhite, etc).
  • No matter how messed up the formatting of the text is (say from Word), it cleans it right up.
  • It handles images very well. You can import easily, adjust the size (it has 4 sizes) and it will flag the photo if you are trying to display it too big for the resolution provided.
  • It is actually a great way to organize your book (say you don’t want to invest or learn Scrivener yet). You can drag and drop chapters and create sections with ease.
  • Also, if you are new, when you add front or back matter, it will give you a default text (so you have to go searching for Dedication wording or About The Author structure).

Since it is free, go try it and play around with it a little bit. You should find it super easy to use, and a great addition to your toolkit.

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