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How to “Jump” off and start your book!

Sometimes knowing you can do something (like write a book) is not enough. In fact, most of the time it isn’t.

You need to know your why. You need to actually allow your dream to grow and become reality.

BASE Jump: Finding Yourself in an Unfulfilling Professional World is a magnificent tool to help you get there. It is written by Carrie Sechel, a colleague of mine who is in a couple of my mastermind groups. She is also in my Bestseller University and The Co-Author Project.

I call her “The Female Tony Robbins.”

She is an excellent leader for those who want to live a brighter and bolder life.

Her book just hit Bestseller!

BASE Jump: Finding Yourself in an Unfulfilling Professional World

Check it out, and make your life bolder. If you are looking for a reason to actually get started on your first book, your next book or making a business out of your book, I highly recommend it.

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Ray Brehm is a Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, and founder of Dauntless Prose. Dauntless Prose helps entrepreneurs who are short on time, write and publish their books.