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The Author Startup – The Fastest Way to Write Your Book

“What is the fastest way I can get my book done?”

I pondered the question a minute. There is all this extravagant education out there on writing a book, filled with hundreds of things to do. But the truth is, you do 20% of the work for 80% of the result (The Pareto Principle).

How does one accomplish this? By streamlining all the tasks down to the minimum requirements, and focusing on those.

Why do that? I have a lot of friends who cannot spare the time required to learn the entire process of writing, launching, creating an author platform and all the other things writers are supposed to do out of the gate.

These friends desperately need books for their brand but don’t have the time to invest.They also don’t want to spend a ton of money paying someone to do something they believe they can do themselves. So, then what happens? Nothing gets done.

The answer? I wrote The Author Startup to address this need. The Author Startup is a process to create a minimum viable product for your book. It is used to get your book out there and build momentum for you.


In The Author Startup, you will:

  • Learn the Boogie Board Approach for publishing
  • Use concepts similar to The Lean Startup for you book
  • Learn the exact tools I used to create and publish a book in 26 days
  • Find out how to defeat the “Imposter Syndrome”
  • Receive a complete Action Plan that will change your approach and attitude for publishing your book

The book contains links to an entire action plan, including video demos. Don’t wait to start your book, learn the quickest way to get it published now!

The Author Startup



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Ray Brehm is a Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, and founder of Dauntless Prose. Dauntless Prose helps entrepreneurs who are short on time, write and publish their books.