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The Bestselling “Golfer” – Alan McComas

This is a great story about a launch and a great book!

Alan McComas is an all around great guy, and from Ohio, so that is a plus. He just released THE LAIDBACK LIFESTYLE: “Anyone can have it” this week.

One thing I love is when authors live the life they describe in their books. Alan takes this to new limits because he was on the golf course when his book hit bestseller status on Amazon.

As a matter of fact, the story gets even more intriguing. Having received an advanced reader copy of the book, I had already reviewed Alan’s book. So Tuesday I night, I was just poking around on Amazon, and I noticed something. Alan had great sales and a high rank. After further investigation, I realized he needed to tweak his categories on Amazon. He should have been a bestseller, but just needed to make some subtle changes. I sent him a message on Facebook that night. The next morning he had made the changes and VOILA! He was a bestselling author by midday.

The cool thing is, I am pretty sure he made those changes from the golf course! He sent me a note later thanking me for “saving his launch.”

Or maybe he meant “saving his lunch.”

In either case, his gratefulness made my day. It reminded me why I am here, and why I am doing what I do. I love helping others, good people who are making an effort to put their work out into the world. It is sometimes scary to do, but when you have a community behind you, it makes it that much better.

Thanks for the praise Alan McComas, but thank you so much for giving the world the gift of your book!

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  1. Great!! i’ am just at the doorstep of Emanuele Properzi who will launch my books ( 3 vols To be To have To do essere avere fare )in Italy
    Genitori di successo I appreciate his life style alot Congratulations