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You Have To Start Somewhere

I posted this in one of my author mastermind groups, and it received such a great response, I thought I would post it here as well.

Around 22 years ago, I was sitting on a Thistle sailboat in the middle of Tampa Bay, FL. I had agreed to help my buddy Mike crew his sailboat in the Thistle Midwinters. It was February (pretty chilly), we had just capsized, we were short handed (should have 4 for crew, but he had only been able to recruit me) and we were soaking wet. He looked at the boats ahead, and said, “How are we ever going to be as good as they are?”

I said, “Well, you have to start somewhere. They didn’t start out as good as they are now.”

What does this have to do with writing? Well, authors as a group are awesome and there are so many willing to give their expertise. But sometimes it can be intimidating too. This can happen, as in my case, even after a bestseller.

I had discovered Dave Chesson’s (Kindlepreneur) videos all over Youtube. The library is huge, he has so much knowledge (which he readily shares). I felt myself saying, “OMG, how will I ever build such a platform?”

Then I read Scott Allan’s post yesterday, “6 Ways You Can Make More money From Your Books and get Noticed on Amazon.” It contained some information I hadn’t seen before. Same OMG.

The same can be said for Chandler Bolt and so many others. You look at them, and doubt creeps in. The task looks insurmountable.

Here is what I realized:

No matter where you are right now, one of your heroes was there at some point. They are now past that point, and you are on your way past. No one starts on top. And if they were where you are now, you can do it too.

So, now all I have to do is look back at my soaking wet, (apparently wise) 20-something self, out there in the middle of cold Tampa Bay and say, “YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE.”

That applies no matter where you are in the process. Today you start there.

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