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Hi Blog,

This morning we were having a discussion about Lego Camp.

My son (and daughter too) are both raving lego fans.

Specifically, Star Wars Lego kits.

My son will ask to do work around the house in order to purchase small kits (which he builds and collects). I love this.

This morning my wife told me about a “Star Wars” Lego camp this summer.

My son loves the idea, but not the distance to get to the camp (the drive time for everything is a concern of his).

I could tell he was making excuses not to go, solely based on the drive (and not the content of the camp, which is right up his alley).

He mentioned that he was “already pretty good at building”, among other reasons.

So I jumped in and said,_ _

_”ON_e of the best ways to learn faster is to be exposed to other peoples ideas.”

He attended a similar lego building camp 3 or 4 years ago, and his skill, confidence and creativity exploded.

Sure he would have achieved those things eventually, but that last camp noticeably accelerated them.

Being exposed to how others might do things is such a huge benefit.

At this point, I think he will probably go (the drive is not really that long either).

But the conversation itself made me think about being an author, and what to do after you write that book.


You can try to figure that all out yourself.


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_Leap. Love. Grow._


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