One of the most powerful things you can do for your book and/or your career is something I call perpetual marketing.

What is it?

A piece of marketing content that you create one time, that works on your behalf forever.

Oh yea, and it works for free. That means you don’t have to continue paying for it to work for you.

You probably know what I am getting at. When you create a book, it will work on your behalf forever (as long as you want it to).

That is why I am always finding ways to create more books. I find topics that need explaining or teaching, and I create a book.

At present, I have more book ideas sitting in a queue than I have time to produce. That is because completing an entire book yourself is hard work.

But books are one of the best ways to perpetually market I know.

So, what is the answer? Finding ways to get your name on books where you don’t have to do all the work.

I call it "crowdsourcing a book."

If you look at my Amazon Author Library (on Author Central), nearly a third of my books are the result of crowdsourcing. They are anthologies, or multi-author books.

Each one now works for me as a perpetual marketing source. And I didn’t have to do all the work.

Some of them I was the organizer (the harder part) and put the whole book together. Some of them I simply participated by writing a chapter (the easier way).

The great thing about these "crowdsourced" books is not only are they perpetual marketing sources, but the marketing of the book is crowdsourced as well.

Each of those books has multiple people advertising and sharing them with their respective audiences.

So you as one of the authors will have a perpetual marketing tool working for you, that has crowdsourced the marketing effort.

Oh, and by the way, it costs you nothing for the "perpetual marketing" part …

ongoing…and forever forward … to have all of this awesomeness.

You just have to find a book, and invest a little upfront in cost and effort.

It is a great way to add titles to your library, and add some perpetual marketing to your brand.

Learn how you can start perpetual marketing today here

Leap. Love. Grow.


My current anthology (perpetual marketing project) is The Wealth Code. The first one in the series, The Success Code, continues to hit bestseller without marketing. The three will be working together for perpetual marketing as well. 🙂

Right now we are accepting authors for The Wealth Code, check out the details (including the benefits of joining and the contribution amount) here.

P.S. How to get perpetual marketing started now: Check it out here.