There are rules for the 1%, and rules for the rest of us. 

And while I don’t always agree with stances Amazon takes as a company, there is one thing for sure…

Amazon democratized book publishing. 

They enabled you and I to publish our own books, without middlemen siphoning money off of our hard work, and they allowed us to do so without permission of gatekeepers. 

For that, I am eternally grateful. 

Otherwise, I would probably be stuck doing something I don’t like now. 

Instead, I get to do what I love. 

In the old days, you couldn’t even publish a book without someone giving you their blessing. 

Now you can publish whatever you want in 24 hours. 

Along with that, is the ability for any of us to make our books bestsellers on Amazon. 

I will never forget when that first book got that banner. 

I ran with my laptop and shoved it into the shower to show my wife I was so excited. 

The beauty of it is that it not that complicated to do. 

In fact, when people inquire about hiring me to launch their books for them, my first response is…

“You are completely capable of doing it yourself. You should only hire me if you don’t have time.”

If you have time, and haven’t developed your own system yet, you should. 

Even if you haven’t written your book yet, you should learn the process. Once you realize you can and will launch as a bestseller, it gives you that much more motivation to finish your book. 

Leap. Love. Grow.


P.S. Right now you can learn the frameworks I use with clients on

The main goal of is to get you started on your path, while protecting your time (and money). It is all based on quick start frameworks (that I now use). (Think of Youru as You the Guru)