In early November, while visiting my mom in the house I grew up in, my son discovered my old box set of the C.S. Lewis classics, The Chronicles of Narnia.

So he and I started our adventure with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. This is the story of little Lucy finding the world of Narnia in that wardrobe while playing hide and seek with her siblings.

The great news is I could not remember the story myself, having read it so many years ago.

So my son and I experienced it together.

That is the beauty of fiction. It is not hard to create something timeless. It was equally as enjoyable now as it was when I was younger.

By the end of the book, it was a given we were going to move on to Prince Caspian (book 2).

No convincing necessary.

We already loved the story, the writing and the world built in the first book.

We wanted more of it.

That is why I think it is every author’s secret dream to write fiction.

You can create your own worlds, your own heroes and villains, and tell your story. And you can make it timeless.

When readers come into your world, and like it, they want more of it.

No fancy marketing, or sales. All you have to do is provide the next quality story.

That is why I am with the release of: The Writer’s Craft 2.0 Super Stack.

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Leap. Love. Grow.


P.S. We have now read through about half of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which is the third book of The Chronicles of Narnia. At this point, it is a foregone conclusion we will read them all. No marketing or selling necessary. We are officially in the C.S. Lewis world.

This one is a great deal if you plan to write fiction.