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Hi Ray,

Thursday’s training with Derek Doepker was amazing!

He taught about all things audiobooks.

One question that came up alot, was…

*when to do your audiobook?*

Derek and I discussed our own experiences, and how recording your audiobook during your book writing process helps with improve readability of your kindle and paper versions.

It also helps you start earning money right away along side your book (instead of waiting years to start earning royalties like I did).

*The workshop replay is now available but only until midnight tonight (PST). *


In this training, you’ll discover…

– *Why audiobooks have gone from a ‘cool to have’ to a ‘must have’* for some authors wanting make a living from their writing – What you need to know before *deciding whether to outsource or produce your own* audiobooks that could save you thousands of dollars. – The critical facts you have to consider before deciding *whether to outsource or produce your own audiobooks* that could save you thousands of dollars. – *Where to hire professional audiobook narrators* if you wish to outsource. – The *exact microphone, software, and equipment you need* to produce limitless top-quality audiobooks on a shoestring budget. – Your audiobook *questions answered personally*. – And more…

Check it out here:


See you there!

*Leap. Love. Grow.*


P.S. The replay is only available until: