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Hi Blog,

One of the areas of book launching I have always struggled to provide in a Done For You solution for clients is …


I have been part of communities and courses that suggest creating a “launch team” and then inviting people to your launch team by giving them a free copy of your book.

Part of their agreement is to leave you an honest review.

The problem is, less than 50% ever do and they may not be that interested in your book.

Once you get going, getting organic reviews is really the best approach.

You can ask for reviews inside your book at the end, and further down the line in some sort of email sequence to those who get on your list.


Once you get those initial good reviews, it gets hard for trolls to bring you down and creates a positive start to your book

So last week, I introduced to a service (actually a community) that is specifically set up to help you get Amazon reviews.

But here is the difference from other methods:

* You can ask for reviews, by posting your book in the community (but not to any specific person directly – this keeps you inside Amazon TOS). * The format of the community gives authors the ability to review others’ books, but since they have a choice, they will inevitably pick books they are interested in. Which makes for better and more focused reviews. * You never directly interact with the reviewer, but everyone else in the community are authors. Their only reason to be there is to give and receive reviews (and get introduced to books in topics they are interested in).

* This is a much more favorable situation than paying most services blindly for reviews from reader only types. * You pay for the community, and you receive community coins called “snaps” when you review books. You can spend those to post your book. * You can review 8 books per week, which means you can potentially get around 8 reviews (could be more or less, depends on the settings you choose) per week. * That could bring you around 32 reviews per month!

Check it out here, it is free for your first two weeks (fully functional). Then it is around $20 a month (month to month). This link will give you 15% off.

https://www.raybrehm.com/pubby [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/zBwhYaJ6rjlF/DGoV]

They will give you 2000 bonus “snaps” for signing up free. So, I was able to actually get 12 reviews in the first week (I started with 10 reviews a week ago). I will get around 8-10 more before I have to decide whether to pay for the service or not (I will, it is a no brainer at this point).


You can cancel after you get reviews and before you pay (though I suspect you will want to stay enrolled because of what a great system and community this is).

See you there!

_Leap. Love. Grow._

[10712847_1592266490lLtNo_FM_-_Ray-Brehm-_EMAIL_SIGNATURE_black-high-res_150x75.png] [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/40DZdECu79dT/DGoV]

https://www.raybrehm.com/pubby [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/zBwhYaJ6rjlF/DGoV]

P.S. If you use my link, I will get some “snaps” and you will also get 15% off if you continue past two weeks.

It is definitely worth trying for free.