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Hi Blog,

One of the first things I do nowadays, when I start out writing a new book is what I call Zeus Bookwriting.

The idea is pretty simple (but powerful).

Before you do anything else, write the book description for your book for Amazon.

And when you do, write it as if you have unlimited powers (like Zeus).

Write your book description (without judging) and assume there is nothing you cannot help the reader accomplish anything in the particular niche.

The sky is the limit.

Then when you are done, see what you can do to accomplish what you have written.

Obviously, you will remove some items. But you will be stunned at what else you can offer in your book that you previously would have thought impossible.

It is a really powerful (and fun) exercise.

And I am using it for 5 new books right now.

So, how do you write the book description?

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It is the framework I use for all of my books, and it includes more information on Zeus Bookwriting (as well as examples).

And push the limits on how your book can help your readers.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


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