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Hi Blog,

This will sound crazy, but it works.

And it will make complete sense when I am done, so hear me out.

One of the things I make sure I always include in my book descriptions and sales pages is what I call “Words of Discouragement.”

It is a little pun on the phrase you normally hear for encouraging others.

The idea is suggesting that your book is not for everyone, and then explaining exactly who should NOT buy your book.

For many of my books, I let people know “there is no easy button” or “this is not for lazy people” or “don’t buy this if you are always looking for some type of hack.”

The idea here is twofold.

One, you only want people to buy your book that will read it and apply it.

Two, the type of people you exclude are generally the types that would leave a bad review.

_But I want as many sales as possible right?_

That is another longer, separate discussion, but you really want as many sales as possible from the_ right _people.

Because, you will also list who the right people are, and frame it in such a way that they are in an exclusive club.

This book is for “go-getters” “big thinkers” and “visionaries” who are not afraid to “roll up there sleeves” and “put in the work.”

This puts your book buyers in an exclusive category that is right for your content (one they want to be in) and sets the expectations for the people who will read your book.

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_Leap. Love. Grow._


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