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Hi Blog,

You have probably heard of the acronym FOMO. It stands for the _Fear Of Missing Out. _

But do you suffer from FORO? I know I do.

It is a term I coined that stands for the _Fear Of Reaching Out._

By reaching out, I mean reaching out to others in your niche or field that you don’t really know…

…but would like to.

It is easy to tell someone else they should make connections, as in my case. But I still struggle with doing it myself.

We all feel that imposter syndrome come on strong when we are about to reach out and hit send.

One of my hero’s in this area is Derek Doepker. He is an expert in connecting with other experts.

So I asked him if he would teach a live class about reaching out and getting Podcast gigs to my Youru.tv members, and he agreed.

That class is live for members Wednesday (March 3rd).

If you aren’t a member yet, or don’t know what Youru.tv is, you can check it out here (and join):

Youru.tv Enrollment [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/cn52WhuERga4/DGoV]

Having a reason to reach out is a part of the equation, and for that I love reaching out and proposing you as a Podcast Guest.

I can’t wait for this private live class (members will also get lifetime access to the class in their Youru.tv portal).

_Leap. Love. Grow._


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