by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey revolutionaries! Ray Brehm here! Bestseller Revolution!

I am still in Miami at the time of this recording, so if you listened to the last podcast, I am still here and I am just enjoying myself with some sandbars, way out in the water we’ve hiked out to, basically, me and the family.

I want to talk to you today about something pretty inspirational to me, it was the assistant coach in my college track, soccer team I should say, Doctor James Courans, he used to have a quote on his door, I wish I could remember it, I know wrote it down somewhere. Back in the day, we didn’t even have phones for snapshottin’ stuff from people’s doors, I had to basically take a piece of paper and hand write it. I’ve got it in a box somewhere.

But I know the gist of it, and you probably know this story too and if you do, put something in the comments, tell me about it, but it was basically a long quote by somebody famous and it talked about, the train is coming to the station, you’re getting prepared, and what a sad thing would be if your opportunity came and you were not prepared to take advantage of it.

And really, the idea is, every step, every trial, every error, prepares you for that moment. So every time you take a step towards that moment, you’re getting prepared to take advantage of the time that opportunity’s gonna show itself to you. And in that exact moment itself, you may or may not succeed, but it moves you closer and closer to that moment and that’s what we wanna do in our lives is just keep preparing for that moment where we’re actually gonna be able to take advantage of our preparation.

And if you look at all these, the lottery purchasers, lottery ticket purchasers, so for that, I mean, they’re just like, kinda, let’s buy it and hope our number hits, well the idea is not just hope and pray, it’s actually preparing yourself for that ideal client that comes along and then, let’s say an ideal client came along tomorrow, Would you be ready? Are you ready for that client? Have you worked with other clients that make you feel confident to work with this ideal client, this high level client? And so forth.

For me, what happened was, fortunately, I was just pushing forward, and I didn’t really know what my goal was, but my very first client came and asides from not being ready, I didn’t have a price for my services, I knew I could do what they needed me to do, so I was saved there ’cause I had done enough of my homework, I had tried enough stuff, I had done enough work launching a book.

But somebody came to me and wanted to launch a book and wanted me to do it for him, and at that point I was like, I had that little twinge where, I’m not quite ready, I should just turn him down, and it was like, no, I gotta start this now.

And I’ll tell you about that in tomorrow’s episode, that first client was Jeff Yalden, and the idea is, had I not been doing every other little thing that seemed insignificant at the time to get to that point, I wouldn’t have had the confidence, I wouldn’t have had even just the small notoriety I had at the time, that he would reach out to me to ask for me to do work for him, and I wouldn’t have had just the overall preparedness for that train pulling into the station.

So, if somebody was looking for an expert in your field and, you know, to speak or present or be a part of a mastermind, would you be ready? Can you answer that question to yourself? Would you be ready and if not, what can you do today to start making you ready? Because these opportunities, they can pass you by and wait a year for another one, doesn’t make any sense.

Most of the time, you just gotta get enough confidence and enough experience in yourself that you take a chance on that when that opportunity comes, even if you don’t feel ready, because you are never gonna feel 100% ready.

I remember shakin’ in my boots saying, oh my gosh, should I, can I do this? And then I sat back and said, wait a second, what he’s asking me to do, I know how to do better than most people, it’s just that I’ve never, I don’t have a contract, I don’t have a price, and we just agreed to it over Facebook Messenger and I’ll tell you that whole story tomorrow because I’m gonna keep sneakin’ it away.

But one of the steps you can take, and I’m convinced of this, is you can get your book done and show your expertise so when someone comes along and says, I need somebody with these expertise, you say, yeah, that’s me, oh, I’ve got a book on it. And one of the ways to do that is go to, that’s my Five Day Book Idea Challenge, it’s completely free, you can check that out.

If you’re ready to go to the next step you can go to, those are some things you can do to get that preparedness up. Having a book out there not only shows somebody else your expertise, it gives you confidence in yourself to do that. And it’s one of the best ways to do it, that’s why I keep harping on it, I hope you take that to heart.Check out one of those tools, or, and as always, you can check out the Revolution Site, you’ll hear that in a minute on my outro and we will talk to you soon.