by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey, Ray Brehm here! Bestseller Revolution!

I just got finished with a Frank Kern Mastermind event on Traffic, and as you can see, if you’re watching this on video, behind me here, I’ve got the Atlantic here, right off of Miami Beach, North Beach area.

We just had the event, I’m spending a couple extra days with the family here, and I want to tell you what is hot off the presses. Nothing new if you’ve been listening to my podcasts, or what I’ve been talking about, but what I, they, stress, and the whole event was done by Hernan Vazquez, he is the head lead buyer for Frank Kern’s agency, his Facebook agency.

He basically said, in no uncertain terms, that the only funnels he would start are a book funnel and a webinar funnel. I have been pounding the table about book funnels for a while now, but literally he said, they’re not spending any time with, they’re advising their clients to just either sell something right away, and it’s either my free webinar, where the opt-in is to get access to the webinar, or it can be an on-demand class, or a book funnel, where you’re selling a book for free plus shipping, and then they jump into a funnel and you’ve got order bumps and things like that.

So those are the things we’ve been talking about, and if you listened to my last podcast, myth number three about making royalties for your book, this falls exactly into line with that. We have got to expand our ideas, and I just saw, I just got another email about running Amazon ads and so forth.

Pleasantly, Nick Stephenson was the one that sent the email. He was talking about Amazon ads and so forth, but he was also saying look, you’ve gotta grow your own platform, you’ve gotta, cannot rely on Amazon for your sales, for your well-being. You shouldn’t be relying on anybody else, of course, but there’s a lot of, a heck of a lot of book buyers out there than you’re seeing on Amazon.

And then you’re competing with all those other little books, millions of books, so that’s the idea I wanna get through today, in today’s podcast, is just simply the fact that you’re gonna need a book funnel. The sooner, the better because the sooner you can start testing something, the better you can do.

One of the things I noticed about Hernan, and I was talking with some of my other Mastermind members, in this event, something I noticed about all the top guys is that they are constantly selling something, and their answer to everything is sell it, and tweak it.

So getting some kind of product done, getting some kind of book done, that is the key thing to do, and then you can just be tweaking your message, tweaking your sales copy, tweaking your landing pages. Everything else, but you should be selling, and that’s why I push most people that have either dabbled in writing a book, or have a book, to convert that into a book funnel.

One of the simplest ways is, if you’ve got a course already, it’s easy, you can back-convert that. So I discuss all, I’ve got seven book-writing hacks that I use to create books quickly and of high quality. You can find that at the link in this post, where you go, check out seven book-writing hacks.

The key here is, you’ve gotta get something done, and if you’ve got a course, you can move that back and forth, if you’ve got a blog, you’ve probably got a book written already. There’s multiple things like this that you already probably have written your book, if you haven’t already. If you have written a book, we need to take that, and turn it into a funnel, as soon as possible.

That’s a short message today, but I want you to think about it, check out the links in this post, go read about the seven book-writing hacks. I have those only available through in one web page, you can check it out there. Get that done, and I look forward to seeing your book out there, and I look forward, more forward, to seeing your book funnel out there.