by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey superstar! I want to dispel a myth that we all have and we all deal with this myth everyday, it’s regarding writing a book.

And even if you’ve written one book it happens on the next book, it happens on the next one, it happens to me when I’m tired in the morning. And it’s this myth that I don’t have the experience or expertise, the fame, or even the time to write a book. And, that’s just plain not true.

Many people think that you need to wait until you are into your life to write a book, or get some kind of publisher’s blessing, or some industry expert’s blessing, or some professional organization’s blessing, to write a book, or “I can’t write a book until I’ve proven myself as an expert and I’m famous”.

Some of the other things around time are: “well, it’s gonna take me a long time to do”, “it needs to be thick, this real thick book”, and “I don’t have enough to say.” Well, let me share a quick story with you.

These guys didn’t say that, didn’t wait that, and if they thought it, they pushed through it because they, for instance Russell Brunson, he really got himself on the map. Of course he had Click Funnels and he had some fame, but his book brought him out to just millions of more people, and it integrated him with millions of more affiliates and business partners and so forth, so, it brought him closer to a lot of people.

And of course the book helped so many people. That thing is like the Bible, I use it all the time. Brendon Burchard, same way, he started writing books. He was writing books before he became ultramega famous. Mel Robbins, same thing, it’s not the other way around. If you’ve got something to share, you’re an expert in it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

My background with this is that in between I’d written Author Your Success, and then my second book was The Author Startup, and I thought I might give up. And this is based on the time it took to get Author Your Success done. I needed a faster system to write or I would lose my dream of writing a lot of books and helping a lot of people.

So, I went out and I developed a system for myself, to quickly get books out there, and now I’ve branched that into a lot of different areas. But, for instance I call it the Bookplan System, and that takes me from idea to published in 26 days.

The Author Startup took me 26 days to get done, because I used a simpler system and yet it is more organized for everyone who’s reading the book. It’s a much more thorough outline, and the way I delivered the book.

So, that book, even though it’s the same topic, self-publishing, it outsold the first book by 15 times, it was a bestseller for 4 months, it was shorter and better, and the people were leaving great reviews because they liked the fact that it got right to the point and gave them a lot of information, and, I didn’t ask for anyone’s permission.

And there’s always gonna be somebody that says you don’t have the expertise, all these trolls out there. And there’s the ones who don’t, because I’ve never had anybody who was valid, that had actual expertise, criticize me. They’re too busy helping people. These trolls that are out there doing it, they have nothing better to do, we don’t need to listen to them. Don’t ask for permission.

So I needed a system that would be efficient or I wouldn’t get it done. And, one of the things is, you don’t have to sit and write. Great story tellers and teachers don’t always have the attention span to sit down and do that. You can dictate your book, and that’s why this Bookplan System I use, I actually create a strong outline very quickly, and then we dictate the book, and it makes it so much easier, but it also makes it a lot clearer to understand and to read.

Now, some entrepreneurs might also think, well, “I don’t have the time to do that and learn everything.” Well, guess what? Frank Kern, and this book Convert, and now it’s Convert 2.0, but his Convert book, he wrote that thing in just a few hours. And he’s got a simple system for that, and I’m gonna share that with you later on, but the point is, he sold 50,000 copies of his book and he never typed a single word, and he got it done in a few hours and then turned it over to an editor, and someone else put it into a format, and then he just had to sell it.

So it can be done quickly, and this book, it’s great, it’s a great book. It’s one of the first things that I bought, to get into his world. And that’s why you need a book people, right?

So, here’s another one: James Altucher – Choose Yourself. This was written completely from blogs he had already written on these topics of basically self-help. And here’s the thing, he didn’t get permission from the powers that be in the self-help guru association to write a book, he had no historical experience in self-help, but he actually went out and just took his blogs that had great advice, information, experiences he had, and put it into a book.

And the book made a huge impact, it put him on the map of thought leaders that are helping people change and pick different paths in their life. And what’s really interesting is at the end of each chapter you’ll see “okay, that’s all for this week.” He didn’t even bother taking out the blog stuff, and that might annoy some people but it really doesn’t annoy the people that are important to you, because the people who are reading in between lines and getting the good content from his blog posts, are out there.

And you’ll see some people on it writing “this is just a bunch of his blogs.” Well so what? Is it good information or not? There’s always gonna be somebody critiquing you, and “yeah oh, you can get it for free if we go read his blog” Yeah, it’s not all in one book, bound and cool. So, this is a great way to do it.

Both methods Frank Kern, James Altucher, are methods that I share in my seven book-writing hacks for entrepreneurs, miniclass, masterclass, whatever you call it. We’ve got a book on that too, but these are ways you can get stuff done very quickly, so it doesn’t have to take you a long time to do it.

So the truth is, you are more than qualified to write a book. You need to do it now, I keep saying that. I’m gonna pound the table until you do. But, there are modern methods you can use to make it easy to complete, without wasting lots of time, and without learning new tools and all kinds of other weird stuff. Man, you can just go get it done and it’s as easy as having a conversation with yourself or someone else.So, that’s the myth, you’re qualified, it’s not gonna take you a long time. So I look forward to getting your book done. Talk to you soon.