by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey, Ray Brehm here. I told you I would talk to you a little about the USA Today Bestseller, how to become a USA Today Bestseller. And one of the things that the people that are hitting the big list, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, when they’re hitting them solo, there’s a couple main reasons.

One, they’re main stream. There the John Grishams’, all those type of people that just expect it to, but they still have their own audiences that buy a lot of those books. The other guys that do it, they’ve built their own audiences on other platforms. So, through their podcasts, through their videos online or so forth, they’ve built these huge audiences that buy their books, and every time they release a book it propels them up to those charts.

But for you and I, who are starting out, how do we get there? How do we get onto the Bestseller list? And one of the ways you do it is a Dream 100 Campaign. So I, for the book I have coming out it’s called Author Inc., and it’s about how entrepreneurs can use a book to actually build leads and sales.

Not just for the sake of getting royalties and so forth on Amazon and other platforms. And so, I’m bringing in other authors who have audiences as well, and as we share our audiences, and we do an anthology book where we each are contributing a chapter, we can create a much bigger audience for ourselves, and so that’s really cool.

Of course, there’s some other side of benefits to doing this. What I’ve found is, I’m building it now and I’m about in month four of building it, and we’ve got about five months to go. It solves a lot of the problems. The whole campaign itself serves a much bigger purpose than getting a book or a title on USA Today as a USA Today Best Seller.

One, it increses your audience tremendously because, think about it. I’ve got about thirty authors on this book, and we are all going to be sending our list to a page to get people to buy the book on pre-order status and also get some cool, just unbelievable bonuses. And so they’re buying a ninety-nine cent book and then they’re going to get, you know, two or three hundred dollars worth of training from just some top people.

So it’s really cool but that helps all of our list because, everybody on every list is gonna see the opt-ins, the bonuses, the freebies from everybody else that’s on the book so, every author gets a chance to exponentially grow their book. That’s probably the number one thing you could do, right?

The other thing it does, is if you follow any Dream 100 stuff, so Russell Brunson talks about it a lot. David Derricks, he’s the king of Dream 100. He’s got a book about it. It is to build alliances with people can help you sell your products, and in this case I’m actually Dream 100’ing people, get them on the books, so I’ve gone out and I’ve been recruiting some people. Some people I don’t even really know more than saying “Hi”. Some people I’ve never met before, but I want to.

And, we’ve got a lot of just really high level talent on this book. Me brining it together has helped build my credibility with other people on the book. It’s going to help all of us build our lists. The other people that are on the book, you could call it different tiers, but there’s some people that are A-Lister types, and they’re going to get exposed to some B-Listers and C-Listers, and so everybody’s benefiting from this. And that’s kind of the Dream 100 side.

The list building side is another thing. And then we’ve got everyone as people opt into these lists and say “Yeah, I want that bonus, I’m gonna go grab it”, People are just really getting into the funnels of all the authors and getting to the products that they’re really interested in. So, it’s just a great way to build an audience.

So that’s one of the other key aspects of it, and then of course the sales that I just mentioned. So really, you’re Dream 100’ing you’re building an audience, and you’re potentially creasing sales to your own funnel. And then you get the bonus of, if you qualify, of USA Today Bestseller and, or Wall Street Journal Bestseller. So those are the two we’re targeting.

Really the key to what we’re doing here is for USA Today, a Neilson Bookscan will count the number of books during the one week, so we’re targeting the week of its release, and it will only count books if there’s two audiences, or two platforms that they’re bought on, so can’t be just Amazon, and it’s got to be Amazon, something else.

In this case we’re doing iBooks, so, Apple, which may be tougher. We gotta get at least five-hundred books sold on Apple, and then we can get all the rest, we can push all the rest to Amazon. So that’ll be pretty cool when we get that done. We’re planning to get it done.

So really if you think about it, it’s somewhat complicated because we’re launching three campaigns. We’re doing a Dream 100 Campaign where I’m trying to get some A-Listers on the book. We are doing an Apple campaign where we gotta try to get five-hundred books, so we’re gonna start that sooner than the Amazon. And then, we’ve got an Amazon campaign where we’ve got to get probably in the neighborhood of six-thousand sales. We’re saying five-hundred sales on Apple, and then six-thousand on Amazon.

So, that’s the plan, and we’ve started about nine months out. I’ve got Adam Houge working with me on it, and he’s writing a chapter himself, and that is just pretty cool. So we are right in the middle of it. I’m about two and a half weeks away from releasing it on Apple, and working on those five-hundred sales and then, we will release it on Amazon, so, that’s the plan.

I just wanted to kind of give you a heads-up on how that all works. I’ll do a more detailed podcast on it later, but that’s what I got going right now..

We are in the midst of changing from spring to summer here in Phoenix, and its been a cool May. Normally It’s a lot hotter, and we are now just about into June and it’s just starting to heat up.

And that’s where the launch is, or it’s just starting to heat up on the launch. So, listen, if you’re ever thinking about trying to get that next title, because, look, publishing books awesome credibility. The next tier up is Amazon, and then about five more tiers up, you get that USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestseller.

It really kind of cuts you above the rest of all the Amazon Bestsellers and if you ever wanna talk about that, I’m gonna have some kind of formal program available, coming soon, but you can always grab a coaching spot with me, and we walk you through it.

I think I’m not advertising it anywhere else, but, you can always do that with me. I think it is ninety-seven bucks, or something, but you can just ping me for that. And then if you want a full campaign, coached through a full campaign, there’s some ways to do that.

Anyway, the main point is what’s your next step, and my next step? USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and once we get there it’s going to open up a lot of avenues for us, all the authors on this book.

Thanks for joining me today in this audio only version of the podcast, and I will talk to you soon.