by Ray Brehm

Today I want to talk to you about something you got to do before doing anything else with your book, it is called your Author Positioning Statement.

This is for you, internal to you, as you’re writing your book, as you’re telling the stories, as you’re gathering information, as you’re approaching your reader.

“How do you want to be positioned by your book after they read the book?”

It is very simple. You put your name on the first line (blank line) and say is the most sought after… (blank) in the marketplace. So in my case, Ray is the most sought after book launch coach in the marketplace.

You need to do that for yourself, and that will help guide you in your book. That’s something we do in my bookchallenge to help authors get going. It is also gonna help you believe you can do it and be the expert, so get it done today! Get your author positioning statement done!

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