by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey everybody! Ray Brehm here, welcome to the revolution and this is my first podcast, broadcast, or TV show whatever you call it.

I have done a lot of interviews, I have recorded a lot of interviews with people, I have been on other podcasts, I am finally doing my own because… well if you don’t like it you can blame Russell Brunson. He challenged me to do it in his One Funnel Away Challenge.

I am in my second iteration of that and I am actually doing it again next month at the time of this recording. It is so good in fact, I am actually using Russell to train everybody that works for me for free, right.

You can do that once you’ve gone through it, once you can be an affiliate and he pays 100% affiliate commission, right. If people go through this, so it’s like, well that’s a no brainer. I am just gonna send people through. We’re gonna change the world, training everybody about funnels, digital marketing, some stuff that’s really valuable. Getting to the right people, the right audiences. Isn’t technology awesome?

Technology has allowed us in this day and age to target people, the right people. We can meet the right people, we can connect with like-minded people all over the world, whether you like underwater basket weaving, or digital marketing, or books like me, or revolution like me.

That’s what this is about. I named this podcast the Bestseller Revolution because, man we’re all mired in this and that’s what the Phantom Menace is. This societal mediocrity, this cursing of people, and demonizing people who are trying to be successful.

But isn’t that what the human spirit’s all about? It’s about getting out there and doing something you love and helping other people and, by golly, if that’s bad then you better join, you know, then I’m starting a revolution, which is what I’m doing with this podcast, we are starting a revolution, we’re revolting against mediocrity, we are going to be epic in our lives and we are going to be epic in what we do and love and try to bring people.

What if we got everybody in the exact job they loved in the world? How good would we be? We could just do away with all these politicians, right? So that’s what we’re doing, Russell Brunson made me do it.

If you’re watching me on video right now, you’re gonna see I am looking at some notes because, you know what, done is better than perfect. I gotta get this done, you’ll hear the intros and outros to this podcast, they may not be perfect. I spent a few hours on it but I had to get that out of the way because I felt like I needed some epic music to bring us in and out of the podcast. But that’s all I’m doing in this for now and I’ll get it professionally done later.

Done is better than perfect. If you’re watching this, if you’re listening to this, get started today. I’m using, it’s a pretty simple tool to actually get your podcast out there and I just tested it by uploading video. So guess what, if you’re a content person you can get, you can record a video like I am doing now and post it on YouTube, which I will do after this and post the video right up in the Anchor and it becomes part of your podcast, you can upload stuff.

And then you can actually podcast from your phone, so you got, I uploaded my intros and outros to and then I can upload an episode or I can record it on my phone and just merge those together in the app and publish and the podcast is out there and that will help me a lot because it needs to be easy if I am gonna try to do this every day and also not keep make it boring for all of you.

So, listen, here’s the story. In our lives nobody is gonna do this for you except you, no government’s gonna give you success or make you wealthy or let you live in abundance and you’ve gotta do it, so I hope you take this journey with me.

Mine started when I was 12 years old you know, I had a normal kind of middle class upbringing, but there was a dynamic in the house that didn’t really work for me and I was being emotionally bullied by my father and, don’t worry, all that has been fixed in adulthood and we had a great conversation about this a few years before he passed away.

But at the time, I was, I remember sitting at the living room table and, you know, the rest of them, brother, sister, mom and dad were in the family room and I was sitting there beside myself, like I did not like the life I was in and trying to find a way out. And, you know, I thought about running away, or living with cousins and all that stuff didn’t work because I would lose the family, the rest of the family, the friends, all that kind of stuff.

And a voice came to me inside and said “I love you and everything’s gonna be okay” and I said “Who is this?” and that voice said “I am you”. And there’s more to that story and I’ll tell you in another episode but the point here is that was the first brush I had with self-reliance and being able to achieve things I wanted to achieve if I just put my mind to it and that I shouldn’t ever have to rely on anybody else.

And it taught me that, it’s like, look, that voice is basically saying you can rely on me, you can rely on yourself to do well and that’s my message to you today, is that, you know, self-reliance, everything is possible.

I just got back from a weekend with Bo Eason and that is one of my origin stories. He made us work on it all weekend and he’s awesome, by the way. So, that is what we’re doing, some of the things we’re gonna do in here, so I am gonna share a lot of stuff I’m working out with books. I test everything, I try to do everything as far as marketing goes and you’re gonna see some super cool stuff here so stick with the podcast, I hope you do.

I am gonna try to keep every episode less than 10 minutes because I just, even if there’s great information, I love short and to the point things. So if you think I am rambling now, it’s the first episode, I am just trying to tell you what this is all about. Now, I do have some long episodes coming with some interviews, I’ve got interviews with some great, great people. In fact, I got one lined up with Steve Larson in a couple of months. If you’ve ever heard of the Tuttle Twins, the libertarian books for kids. Connor Boyack, I gonna be talking to him, there’s a ton of people.

And maybe we can even hunt down Frank Kern and besides me beating him in Connect 4, maybe we can get him on interview, I am gonna try to work on that next week when I’m down at his office.

But here’s the thing, done is better than perfect. This thing is, you know I am recording video and audio at the same time, I am not looking at the camera all the time I am looking at my notes because I gotta get this out there and I gotta share my message with you.

One of the things that I am doing right now and you’ll see a special episode on it and follow it as it go, I’ve got a book coming out Author Inc, it’s October 15th, 2019 and this is a USA Today Bestseller Campaign. So I actually went out and recruited Adam Hoge to help me with this, I got Derek Doepker on there, I’ve got Eevi Jones, Rob Kosberg, Emily Hirsh of Hirsh Marketing, Jeff Brewer of Launch Hackers Lab.

All these people are gonna be in this book and we’re targeting the USA Today Wall Street Journal Bestseller list and I am gonna share with you along the way, what’s happening, what’s going on, so I hope you’ll follow. And that will be easy, easy content for me to give you updates daily on that.

So that’s another thing we’re working on and I am gonna have a companion site here for this so go check it out and I’m gonna put tools out there, episodes, anything I talk to you about downloading, you can find it on that page. You can find out ways to work with me if you need to do that, on there.

So that’s what this podcast is about, this is just kind of the Phantom Menace episode, we gotta get it out of the way just to tell you what I am doing and I will talk to you more tomorrow. Let’s see if I can do this for 365 days. I have no problem talking obviously but it’s all the other rigmarole, editing and all that stuff.

This’ll be great, because I can just record and upload it and that’s why I spend a few hours today getting those intros and outro music and I hope you like them. I know they’re not perfect but that makes me feel better that it’s somewhat professional and we can get that out and now I can just go record and that’s what you should be striving for, is just to build the systems around you so you can just record and really, the truth is, what you see me doing now is what I am going to be doing with everything.

In fact, it already is, so for instance if I am writing a book, I am recording a video. I am recording the video so I can share it. Facebook Live, YouTube, it could be a training, so each chapter could be a training module and the audio could go to a podcast, the content could go to a blog.

So this is something we’re working on with my team, is just this content compounding and really everything I should do, should just be on video looking at you. And so I am doing that and if you’re listening to the podcast of course. I am looking at you through the logo Bestseller Revolution.I see you out there and you’re smirking or you’re making fun of me or whatever. I love it, all attention’s good attention. We will see you next time on episode 2, it won’t be the Phantom Menace and in fact do I have a name for the episode 2? It’s All About Belief, you’re gonna like it because I am gonna tell you and old track story and you’re gonna believe it yourselves. So take care, talk to you soon.