by Ray Brehm

I am going to talk to you about one of the new books I’ll be putting out next month. It is based on my Book Draft Bootcamp. I just want to show you how easy it is.

It’s just one of the hacks that we use to create books. This is how it works: I just go to my account and place a new order for a transcription or a caption.

In this case, I am going to do captions, because I could use them for two purposes. I can grab a TXT file, also I can grab and use the SRT file for subtitles. So, it’s double the bang for your buck if you do it that way.

Then I am going to upload the files, my training videos, in order, and that essentially is going to be the chapter order.

After that, I can have the SRT file so I can add captions to them for my course. I can translate those captions into Spanish, which we will be doing real quickly here. And I also have a TXT file that I just got to put character terms in, and now I’ve got a draft of my book, describing what I do in my Bootcamp.

So, that’s a starting draft, and man, that’s half the battle of getting the draft done, right? Check it out. It’s really cool. I just took my course videos, threw them into Rev. I’ll get them back in a day, probably less, even, because they’re all pretty short videos.

Then I’ve got transcripts and captions, and I could use them for a draft of my book and to add captions to those videos. It’s super cool, super easy.

Isn’t technology great?

We’ll talk to you soon.