by Ray Brehm

I want to introduce you to one of my new favorite authors, she is author of Pre-School for Gummies.

Isabella Brehm. She is my daughter of course. And that is coming out in the next couple of weeks because we’ve got to get it out before the end of the school year. Each child wrote there, all five year olds. 

Each child wrote a chapter on a topic that helps you get through preschool properly and that’s why it’s called Pre-School for Gummies and Isabella wrote a chapter on being safe. It is awesome! They’ve got bios in there. They drew pictures of their tip.

Can you imagine going into an interview or putting on your resume that you published your first book at five? Well, boom! Isabella has. My son Ray did when he was five and he’s already got this mapped out.​

In fact, we’re starting this weekend on a Child’s Book Series for him and he’s already got it mapped out, it is about racing cars and all this stuff. So it is cool. They’re thinking this way. They’re little entrepreneurs. I love it! 

As for me, it’s a great week. This is the inaugural month of my Book Draft Bootcamp. And we are in week two of that and people are getting their drafts done in three weeks. They are all using a formula that I use. 

You kow? I’ve been through this. When I did my first book, it took 10 months and I thought, oh my God, I can’t do that again! And that was because there was no system and you’re constantly going back between logical thought and creativity, logical thought, creativity.

So I figured out finally that I had to get all the logical stuff in the structure set up so that could just be creative and just let ideas flow.​

And that’s what we’re doing in the Book Draft Bootcamp indeed, we are helping nonfiction authors get their books done professionally, quickly and in a great format for the reader. 

It all starts with creating a One Page Book Plan in five days. That is We repeat it every month. The june one starts on June 1st. You can sign up there that’s free. After that you can in the Book Draft Bootcamp. It’s great. This is all leading up to the 2019 version of Bestseller University

There we learn Facebook for Authors, Click Funnels, Kartra for your Book Funnel. And it’s so cool because I was just on a webinar watching Rob Kosberg and he said exactly what I had in my script notes for my webinar about Bestseller University. He was talking about that he competes with Amazon. 

And that’s exactly what I’m talking about. 

In Bestseller University  you quit chasing pennies with the royalties. That’s great. Keep the royalties, but you want to take it to the next level with your book or it just doesn’t feel like you really did what you were meant to be doing. And that is creating a book funnel, making an engine of your business, that is the goal. So it’s in Bestseller University, we encompass all of it.

Get your book done, launch professionally, get that going. Royalties, adds, everything from the normal book publishing world and then take it to the next level and create a book funnel, monetize it and make hundreds or thousands of dollars per book sale as opposed to the pennies you’re making as royalties. And for first, this 2019 edition of Bestseller University, it’s going to be awesome because we are having a Book Funnel University as a bonus that’s going to be separate class later. So I’m throwing it all in here. 

Uh, and if you’re around you’ll see it on a webinar that’s coming soon. I’ve got the Book Expert Secrets Interviews. I’ve interviewed all kinds of people in the industry from the Self Publishing Gurus, Marketing Gurus, to the Digital Marketing experts and we’ve got all that in.

And then I’m giving a free year, that is right. The free year to my Mastermind for Bestseller University​. So anyway, this is all fun stuff.

Then I’ve got a book coming out on October 15, with 30 of us authors. It is about taking your book to that next level. It’s, about gamification, book funnels and ads. Just taking all that and getting information from all these experts put it together. I’ve done that also with the Book Expert Interviews.

 I’ve been busy, but I think you should be busy too. You should be, if you don’t have a book yet, get one. Go to and take the five day challenge and get your book plan on paper. Boom! That’s a huge start! Instead of it just circling around in your head this idea you’ll get to next year or the year after, get that done.

If you’ve already got a book and you haven’t launched it properly, you could focus on that Bestseller University​ which is coming out. This will teach you how to do that perfectly building audiences. 

That’s with building audiences while you’re running ads for your normal launch on Amazon or wherever else, you’re also building audiences on Facebook. And there’s a super cool way to do that. So we’re teaching that as well. 

Move to a level up, get to the point where you’re making $5,000 per book, you sell thousand dollars, $10,000 per book yourself because you’re actually using that as an engine for your business. So all that stuff’s going on. 

So here’s one of the experts I’ve got in my Book Experts Secrets: Dave Chesson, Eric Van Der Hope, Jim Mollinelli,  Brian Bernie and Rebecca Kevis. 

So that is the kind of stuff that’s coming out on October 15th. Stay tuned and we will talk to you soon.