by Ray Brehm

I’ve  got to tell you about something and it’s not even book related. What!?  It is the best course on the Internet I’ve found and I buy everything. Yes, I am what Brendon Burchard says: be your own best Avatar. That’s me. I like everything and I’ve got my One Funnel Away Challenge box.

I am going to tell you how the challenge works. It is super cool!

This is a masterpiece and basically a 30 day challenge. It helps you create a product, a funnel and an offer. It gets you mentally prepared, and they give you all this stuff and it’s a 100 bucks. 

I’m not kidding. It’s probably the best course ever taken, especially at that price point. If you check it out, if you go inside the course, it has a members area. It also has a pre training for a week. So you get an extra week and they basically get rid of your false beliefs that you can’t do it. 

Then you go in there and the first week is all about creating an offer. The second week is all about your story. So all these things that you’re trying to piece together from different places, and you got your original story hooks working, then you build a funnel in the third week and the fourth week you start driving traffic to it. Then they’re trying to get you to actually create a business and a funnel in a month. And it’s unbelievable. 

The people in there is incredible. Steve Larsen is coaching in three or four videos every day. You get permanent access to him. I have not seen anything that takes you in such detail through your own online business than this course. 

You don’t need the box to actually participate. They give you everything digitally. But once you receive the box you will find great content in there! By the way, they suggest if you don’t have a product yet, they teach you how to create a funnel to affiliate their product, which is what I’m doing right now. You can be an affiliate and start making money on all their stuff right away.​

So I am opening my One Funnel Away Challenge box here. It contains a little MP3 player. It’s got all the challenge stuff on it. And you will find a solid hard cover book, I’ve been looking forward to reading to. I didn’t even know it was in here!:  If you suddenly lost everything in 30 days, what would you do? Brunson asks all the top people in the industry and they put it all in this book.

Also contains the One Funnel Away Challenge workbook. And I’ve been needing this cause I’m just printing stuff and scribbling all over and it has all the checklists and strategies for creating your offer and cool stuff. 

I admit I took the challenge just to learn about creating challenges cause I’m running mybookchallenge right now, a book draft bootcamp right now and I’m just taking other challenges to make sure I’m doing stuff right.​​

It is hard to compete with these guys though. Cause they were just got it dialed in. But I mean I took one week of the training, a day of the training is worth 100 bucks. I’ll just tell you that right now. So I want to share that with you. I am pumped and you know, I’ve got so much going on and I still said, you know what, I got to squeeze this in. 

So I’ve been like working on funnels and re invigorating my knowledge of click funnels and offer strategy. And I’ve just met a ton of great people in there too. Which by the way, is that part of the key to all of this is just who you meet. And with that said, I’m going to end on this note. 

I want to share with you a little deal I got today. This made my day.

Here it is. I commented to Russell Brunson, he’s added a wrestling tournament. Me, like he’s 20 years after college or 10 years or, I mean he’s younger than that I guess. But anyway, he’s doing a wrestling tournament. So I messaged him on one of his face, Instagram posts and he responded back and made my day. And it’s like, this is what it’s all about, is reaching out to other people, working together as entrepreneurs, working together as authors. ​

So if you’re interested in this One Funnel Away Challenge, and the reason I am writing this instead of driving home right now, which I should be doing, is because they said they just stopped doing it every month. Next month may 2019 is the last month. And then they’re taking a break for a month or two. I’m not even sure what the regular schedule is. 

So if you want to join next month, I think I’m joining again. I know I’m joining again. I believe I’m going to enroll in the next month again just because I could for 100 bucks. It’s unbelievable what you can absorb. I hope you join me. I hope you check it out. I’m going to do it again. I mean, I literally, you could do it every month for a year and it’d be worth it. 

Getting access to the whole members area and all that. I love this thing. All right. Have a great day here in mountain standard time. Talk to you soon. Thanks for reading !!

Are you in?