by Ray Brehm

I am here with my new One Minute Book Clinic in honor of the Avengers. And today we’re talking about Workbooks and I only got 50 seconds left, so I’m going to go fast.

You need an interior and a cover. Obvious, right? So the interior, you got to do that first because otherwise you don’t know how big the spine it’s gotta be. Now, you can use Word, Pages, InDesign.

I like using something universal like Google​ Docs. Check it out. You can go to Google Docs, create a doc, you can use one of their templates. I’ve used all their templates: I’ve created my own planner and I’ve got a workbook here. It’s all done in Google docs.​

Pretty simple. And then you just export it as a PDF and now you’ve got your interior and you have to work in your cover. Now, I would use a professional cover designer if you can, but if you can’t go to Canva and you can quickly create a cover in there, export that as a PDF, go to upload it, and you can have Author Copies for less than $3 USD.

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