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Feeling a bit overwhelmed creating a story, check out this quote…

> “Writing is not about inventing life; it’s about reinventing > what you have already lived.” > > — ROSEMARY JENKINSON, POET, SHORT STORY AUTHOR, NOMINEE EU PRIZE > FOR LITERATURE

Which means no matter what we all have a unique voice ready and waiting to create stories readers will love. [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/fkMl9aAx0gCp/DGoV]

> “Whether you realize it or not, yOUR LIFE EXPERIENCES, PERSONALITY > AND WORLDVIEW GIVE YOU A VOICE THAT IS ENTIRELY UNIQUE. When you > share that voice with the world, you may be surprised by the power > of your written word and who it will reach.” > > — JULIANA MAIO, AUTHOR OF “CITY OF THE SUN”

All we need is that little dash of know-how [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/fkMl9aAx0gCp/DGoV] to go from inspiration to gripping page turner…

> “If you have a good, unique story idea and develop it well, you > can cut out 90% of your competition.” > > — MARK O’BANNON, FANTASY AUTHOR

Which means story crafting is part passion, part skill. We’re definitely good with the passion, but the other parts…can be daunting…or even downright off putting…

You have a story that deserves to be told. And told well.


Whether you’re just getting started, looking for the best way to get the story stuck in your head out onto the blank page…

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Writer’s Craft 2.0 will help you:

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And so much more.

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> “Everyone has at least one book in them.” > > — CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, AUTHOR, AND ORWELL PRIZE WINNER

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_Leap. Love. Grow._


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