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Hi Blog,

Ever wonder what the secret is to creating your best writing space so you can create without distraction and get straight into your flow?

My friends Cary and Tom spoke with five writers and bestselling authors who share their #1 tip for creating your perfect writing space below.

I’m hopeful one of these tips will help boost your writing life today.

But before we begin…


Creating something out of nothing is hard work, so why not make your creative space as comfortable as possible?

According to Kristen Martin, catering to what you like and spoiling yourself in a haven of coziness is the ticket to falling quickly into flow!

Kristen’s an entrepreneur, bestselling Amazon author, and YouTuber with over 60,000 subscribers who empowers women through her writing. Her advice is simple:

“My best tip for creating your perfect writing space can be summed up in one word: cozy. Candles, loungewear, slippers, and a specially-curated writing playlist filled with instrumental music has never failed me!

“The more comforting your surroundings are, the less distracted you’ll be, and the more you can pay attention to what really matters: writing your book.”


Feeling stuck? It might be because writing at the same spot every day has caused creative stagnation. You might be surprised by how much your creativity opens up in a new environment.

Irish author and Forbes magazine contributor, Bryan Collins suggests:

“It’s good to write in a new environment every now and again.”

“Take your writing and go to a coffee shop or a library. These places are usually free of the subconscious baggage that comes with working in the same place repeatedly. And sometimes the brain craves a new writing environment.

“Ambient noise encourages creativity too. JK Rowling would agree — she wrote the earlier parts of the Harry Potter series in a coffee shop. If you can’t leave wherever you write, “Coffitivity” (is that a word) will recreate the ambient sounds of a coffee shop for you.”


We all do it. Pop onto Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, searching for quotes to inspire us and keep us going when our creative spirit starts to flag…

But then once we are there, we’re scrolling and not writing.

Lead editor and writer at The Novel Smithy and bestselling author of the “Ten Day Novelist” series Lewis Jorstad share’s his #1 tip to get inspired but also stay focused:

“The perfect writing space is very personal, but in my opinion, every writer needs something inspiring.

“Whether I’m working at my kitchen table or my local library, I keep a handful of writing quotes on index cards to set out around me.

“This way, whenever I’m feeling stuck or unmotivated, I can look at my favorite inspirational quotes and remind myself that everyone struggles with their writing—but that you can always push through if you’re patient.”


If you work from home, the demands of the job are bound to disrupt your creative flow. To make your writing space ideal for productivity you need to roll up your sleeves and meet the distraction head on.

Donna Barker & Crystal Hunt are co-founders of The Creative Academy for Writers, successful indie romance authors, who offer these tips…

“If work pulls you away from focus on your book, set-up an old computer with nothing but your manuscript on it — no email, no social media pings, and no work! Just you and your book.

“When you sit down with that computer you can focus without work distractions.

“If you have a home office, do your book writing in a different room, to draw on different energy than you bring to your work.

“If that’s not possible, change the energy of the room by playing special book-writing music or noises (coffee shop sounds, train, rain), or sit at the opposite side of your desk, or use different lighting.”


Unless you live in a cabin in the mountains, it’s likely there’s going to be issues that make it more difficult for you to write. Instead of trying to write around them, why not find new ways to protect your writing space?

Fantasy fiction writer, author of “Build Your Best Writing Life,” and founder of Well-Storied.com, Kristen Kieffer says:

“To create your perfect writing space, identify your pain points. Take note of your biggest distractions (e.g. loud neighbors, lack of organization, that pile of bills on your desk) and seek out ways to resolve these issues.

“When you eliminate what isn’t working, you make room for focus, productivity, and creative fulfillment.”

Now it’s your turn

Which of these 5 tips will you take with you and apply to YOUR writing space?

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