I recently boarded a flight to Cleveland, I am going to pick up our new puppy (a golden doodle) named Luna. Though I have flown Southwest Airlines before, I was really impressed as I thought about their boarding procedure.

If you haven’t flown them before, they assign you a boarding number when you check in (which you can do online 24 hours prior). The number is essentially first come first serve, and gives you your exact spot in line.

The boarding process is about as clean and efficient as it gets. You line up according to you number at a kiosk. There is no one crowding the line, no one pushing or blocking.

Here is what most airlines do

On most other airlines, there are always those who try to board before their boarding group has been called and that holds up the line. Or then there are those that congregate and block the way to get in line for whose groups have been called.

It is not really anyone’s fault. It is just that everyone is required to somewhat “invent their own boarding procedure.” This results in 200 different ideas for how to board the plane, all being implemented at once.

On Southwest…

You line up according to your number and board. Easy Peasy. They have nailed it.

People should not have to think about what the boarding procedure is when traveling. Their job is just to do the traveling part.

The same goes for self-publishing. 

The only thing you should have to worry about is being creative.

But most self-publishing websites, blogs or courses still require you to figure out how to navigate them and how to implement the information they give you.

One of my pet peeves is when I take a course that gives you good information, but still leaves it to you to come up with a plan to implement material and the order to do things.

That is why I created the Author Startup Masterclass.

In the Author Startup Masterclass, I provide students with:

  • the exact order to start executing each task
  • my template for chapter structure, which leads you to complete your chapter
  • a roadmap to answer the 12 Enigma Code Questions every reader wants answered
  • how to separate tasks into creative and logical categories (if you don’t it can take you 10 times as long!)
  • in fact, the order to do everything to publish that first book

So, as you are thinking about the content of your book, or your course, or whatever you are working on, remember this……

Make your readers or clients “boarding experience” as easy and efficient as Southwest Airlines!

Keep It Simple Superstar!


The Simplify Guy

P.S. My Author Startup Masterclass is off to an awesome start! Check it out here if you want to try the Southwest Airlines of Self-Publishing!!