by Ray Brehm

There was one course and person that moved me from “happy I published a book” to internet entrepreneur with a very nice first (half year) income.

That person is Jeff Walker and his course is Product Launch Formula (PLF for short).

Wait, isn’t he just the “launch” guy?

Actually no, the title is really a little deceiving.

A few months ago in one of my masterminds the question came up:

“If I want to create a course, what course should I take to learn how to do it?” I said Product Launch Formula. The response was, I thought he was just for launching. The answer is that PLF addresses all of that. It teaches you how to launch and create your course (and actually get paid while you create – more on that in another email).

But the gold standard of the whole approach is called The Sideways Sales Letter. This is the format you see all of the gurus use to launch (some you may be familiar with are Frank Kern, Nick Stephenson, Chandler Bolt). I have used it often, and it is magic. In fact, almost all products are launched this way nowadays.

Jeff Walker – The Sideways Sales Letter

Every year or so, Jeff Walker releases a free Launch Workshop (complete with training videos and PDF downloads)… and it’s always a complete marketing education all by itself.

It’s always a really good idea to check out this free training – because it’s just that good.

AND the price is right… it won’t cost you anything (other than your email address).

His first training video will completely change the way you look at marketing (and your business). It may be the most important thing you learn this year.

Jeff Walker – FREE Product Creation and Launch Workshop (Sideways Sales Letter)

The only caveat is, he does not usually leave these videos up for more than a week or so. So make sure you register now, even if you can’t watch today.

When I watched the 2016 version of this video, it convinced me I could do this. You can do it too!


P.S. The Sideways Sales Letter is a key strategy to creating an online business or course. With the link below, you can learn about it on Jeff’s free video. Be sure to download the PDFs for reference too. I hope you like the video!

Watch The Sideways Sales Letter