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Hi Blog,

If you’ve been wondering “what exactly is inside of REAL FAST DOODLE PROFITS?”

Well, I’ve listed out all the lessons in both the Basic and Advanced packages below.

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Module 1 – Doodling Basics

Welcome To Real Fast Doodle Profits

Equipment Orientation and Walk Through

Why Doodle? The Good Stuff…

Doodling Happy Expressions

Doodling Negative Expressions

Doodling Body Language

Doodling Basic Human Characteristics

Drawing Yourself

Doodling the Female Body

Color Your Doodles

How Much Should You Charge?

Maintaining Consistency With Your Doodles

Module 2 – Doodling Likenesses and Characters

Drawing Characters and Likenesses

Practicum #1 – Drawing Characters and Likenesses

Practicum #2 – Drawing Characters and Likenesses

Your Doodle Assignment – Drawing Characters and Likenesses

Module 3 – Animal and Backgrounds

Animals In The Wild

Animals In Human Situations

The Elements of Drawing Animals

How To Draw Cats

How To Draw Horses

How To Draw Dogs

How To Draw Rhinos

How To Draw Llamas

How To Draw Backgrounds – Court Room

How To Draw Backgrounds – Office Setting

How To Draw Backgrounds – Super Market

How To Draw Backgrounds – Restaurant

How To Draw Backgrounds – Farm

How To Draw Backgrounds – Savannah

Rules of Creating Anthropomorphic Animals

Realism vs. Doodle

Your Doodle Assignment – Drawing Animals and Backgrounds


(Includes everything in the basic package above plus the modules below, lifetime access to the Doodly Software and the Facebook Group)

Module 4

Making Money With Print On Demand Using Your Doodles

Introduction to Print On Demand

How To Get Great Product Ideas

How To Use The Procreate App To Make POD Doodles

How To Create The Transparent Background For Your Doodles

Using Inktale

Merch by Amazon

Print On Demand Q&A

Module 5

Creating Video Sales Letters From Your Doodles

An Introduction To Creating Video Sales Letters From Your Doodles

What You’ll Need to Create VSL’s

Using a Winning Strategy For Your VSL

Scripting Your VSL

What To Draw or Doodle For Your VSL

VSL Software Demo

Your VSL To Do Tasks

Module 6

Sketchnoting For Profit

Introduction To Sketchnoting For Profit

How To Get Practice Sketchnoting

How To Organize Your Sketchnotes

Sketchnote Lettering

Sketchnote Marketing Tips

Sketchnote Visual Vocabulary

Star People and Keyhole Ken

How To Draw Important Icons

The Tools Of The Trade

Sketchnoting “To-Do’s”

Sketchnoting Q&A

Module 7

Book Illustrations and Kindle Publishing

Doodle Book Introduction

Doodle Book Introduction

Creating Covers In Canva

Uploading to KDP

How To Draw Book Illustrations

Uploading To KDP

Lifetime Access To The Doodly Software For Free (Normally $468 for just 1 years access).

Access to our private Facebook Group


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