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Hi Blog,

Wanted to share an email I received Friday, from my good friend and long-time subscriber Louise.

She, like me, has toiled with trying many different things to find her way in this online world of business and following your dreams.

> “Ray, I truly appreciate you. This Summit is the best thing I have > ever built when it comes to delivering content, engagement, upping > my online presence and authority, and undoubtedly my best marketing > effort ever. Plus I have a new network of amazing people to > collaborate with. On Monday I start planning the next one!” > > – Louise

I can tell you, that is about verbatim what I said to myself a little over a year ago after completing the hosting of my first virtual summit.


It is truly something to consider doing this year if you can.

And Louise didn’t hire me to do it for her, she attended our Virtual Summit University summit in December, and the subsequent webinar training we did.

Then she hosted an amazing summit 60 days later.

If you don’t want to wait for our next Virtual Summit University (July), you can learn about summits with the new book I co-authored with Paul Brodie, called VIRTUAL SUMMITS 101.

CHECK IT OUT HERE ON AMAZON (IT WILL EITHER BE 99¢ OR FREE WHEN YOU READ THIS). 🙂 [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/P65M94RScnXc/DGoV]

_Leap. Love. Grow._


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