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Hi Blog,

I recently interviewed Steve Olsher for my upcoming Book Profit School summit. He is one of the go-to guys in podcasting, and the interview was off the charts full of content.

But you don’t have to wait for my summit.

If you love podcasts, host your own show or enjoy appearing on them as a guest expert, this is for YOU (so please keep reading)…

Last year, Steve, took it upon himself to launch the very first magazine dedicated exclusively to podcasts, podcast culture and the people who drive the industry forward.

Appropriately enough, it’s called PODCAST MAGAZINE®…

… And each month, the magazine takes readers “beyond the microphone” and into the lives of top podcasters as it dives into the real stories behind the success of well-known shows. Additionally, each month, the magazine features dozens of shows you’ve likely never heard, but should be listening to.

If you want to learn more about the world of podcasts, find out what other people are listening to, or want to identify top influencers in specific show categories, you won’t want to miss Podcast Magazine.

Whether you read it for market research, insider tips or just love the amazing stories, every single issue is jam-packed with tremendous value.

To celebrate the release of his NEW Audio Domination™ Masterclass (more about that in a moment), Steve wants to give YOU a free lifetime subscription to Podcast Magazine, and I highly suggest you take him up on this.

_There’s no catch. _


… All YOU have to do is click the link below!

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[18716339_1618289647GA2Jenna_Kutcher_-_Podcast_Magazine.jpg] [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/CXe46kb8SgXc/DGoV]

When you subscribe today, not only will you get instant access to the current issue and all of the past issues too, you’ll ALSO receive an exclusive invitation to join Steve’s upcoming LIVE training called “The Rise of Podcasting 2.0”…

During this training, Steve will REVEAL the ALL-NEW ONCE-IN-A-DECADE OPPORTUNITY To Create Massive Visibility, Attract ZERO Cost Leads & Generate SERIOUS Revenue For Your Business… and it’s not what you think!

This is just Part 1 of Steve’s 4-part live training series, The Audio Domination Masterclass, and I guarantee he will be loading it up with value bombs through his completely unique perspective.

Secure your lifetime subscription to Podcast Magazine and save your seat for…


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Don’t miss out… The NEW opportunity is absolutely RED HOT and now is the time to reap the biggest benefits.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. Skipped straight to the end? In short, my friend Steve Olsher is giving you a FREE, lifetime subscription to Podcast Magazine…

PLUS, you’re invited to attend his upcoming LIVE training where he will REVEAL the ALL-NEW once-in-a-decade opportunity to leverage the power of audio for massive visibility, ZERO cost leads and SERIOUS revenue.

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