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Hi Blog,

My friend Steve Olsher seems to be running wild with this Clubhouse energy boost.

I’m not sure how else to explain his enthusiasm for marathon sessions on the app or his passion to find its potential as a sales and marketing tool.

In his first 90 days on Clubhouse, Steve attracted more than 30k followers and started a club, ClubPod, that he grew into the largest podcast-specific club on the entire platform… worldwide!

Steve’s now attracting thousands of live attendees into his Clubhouse rooms, he’s growing his email list on a daily basis and he’s bringing some of the world’s most recognized influencers, business executives and celebrities onto the stage with him.

This is WHY Steve now views social audio as the biggest business opportunity he’s seen for at least a decade… It’s unprecedented!

If you missed the early days of SEO and Google Ads, the golden age when making money online was considered “easy,” the universe is giving YOU another chance to capitalize on an equivalent, if not BIGGER, opportunity.

While it may feel like Clubhouse has been around a while, it’s STILL very young….

… and when you come across a platform like this in its infancy, there are unique and prosperous opportunities available that will fade over time, including:

* The Audience Land Grab: The initial phase of a platform’s lifecycle when YOU CAN QUICKLY AND EASILY BUILD A LARGE FOLLOWING FOR FREE! * The FREE Traffic Extravaganza: The early days when it’s STILL possible to ORGANICALLY REACH A PLATFORM’S ENTIRE AUDIENCE NETWORK WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY ON ADS. * The FREE traffic available right now on Clubhouse would cost tens-of-thousands of dollars to generate through a mature platform like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. * The Peak Profits Period: This is the time in a platform’s lifecycle BEFORE it introduces a process for monetization. * For YOU, this is THE IDEAL OPPORTUNITY TO CA$H-IN ON YOUR ORGANIC AUDIENCE AND FREE TRAFFIC BECAUSE RESTRICTIONS WILL BE COMING. * As limits to your organic reach, fees or other limitations take hold, business profits can still remain strong, only now with overhead attached.

These opportunities are STILL available on Clubhouse and they’re showing up on other social audio platforms as well.

Remember, these early stage benefits don’t last forever and there will never be a better time than now to take advantage of them.


… Steve Olsher will REVEAL the plan and path forward during his LIVE in-depth AUDIO DOMINATION masterclass event that he’s holding today.

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Steve practices what he preaches and when he shares about the potential for extraordinary results with audio, it’s because he’s achieved them for himself.

As a recap, Steve runs the largest podcast-specific club on ALL of Clubhouse, he regularly attracts people like Amy Porterfield, John Lee Dumas and Pat Flynn onto his stages and he’s frequently filling his rooms with thousands of LIVE attendees… From the comfort of his home and convenience of his phone.

This is why Steve has my highest recommendation on this topic…

… and it’s why I know he will deliver an incredible value for those willing to listen.

I suggest keeping a notepad close by as there will be a LOT of tips, techniques and strategies you won’t want to forget.

Reserve your seat for the masterclass now and find out how YOU can leverage the power of social audio to create visibility, leads and revenue in your business.

You won’t regret it!

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. Remember, my friend Steve Olsher is hosting a live, FREE & in-depth masterclass event called AUDIO DOMINATION™: The NEW opportunity to leverage the power of audio for creating mass visibility, targeted leads and serious revenue in your business!

HTTPS://WWW.AUDIODOMINATION.COM/LIVE-TRAINING?ORID=38&OPID=8 [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/JxLEea5M07a4/DGoV]