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Hi Blog,

An incredible author I know recently told me of her struggles, as
I’m sure we’ve all heard stories of struggle considering the past

By anyone’s standards, this author was successful. She was
published, had a multiple six-figure business, a top 100 overall
best-seller at Amazon and clients lining up to work with her.

Little did she know, this was actually the beginning of the end.

She thought she had “made it”…

But then she started to have those kinds of days when she just
couldn’t get out of bed.

She was exhausted and trying to figure out why everything felt
terrible… even though she’d accomplished her long-held goals and


And what’s worse… she created the wrong business that attracted
some “wrong fit” clients into her life.

Some were lazy, demanding, and didn’t take action on her coaching. And
when they didn’t get their desired results, they blamed her!

She woke up with a feeling of dread almost every day.


You sense something isn’t quite right? Or it’s just not flowing
like you want it to?

And you start thinking things like:

I can’t do this. What if it’s no good? Does this even make sense?

And then as more time goes by, you begin to feel disappointed with

And the writing screeches to a permanent halt.

But here’s the thing. It’s not your fault!

There’s a lot of misinformation out there around writing and
publishing a book.

“Gurus” telling you to just write anything. Do it in a weekend.
Promising you’ll become a best-seller overnight.

But none of them seem to ask if you’re writing the RIGHT book, on
the RIGHT foundation for the RIGHT reasons! One that will sustain you
and your business for years to come.

That author I told you about?

That was actually my friend Christine Kloser before she figured
everything out for herself and turned her business around.

Today she’s a world-renowned author of multiple best-selling books
(including USA Today and The Wall Street Journal best-sellers), an
award-winning publisher and transformational author coach to 80,000
messengers around the world.

And on Monday, May 17, she kicks off her free, five-day BOOK
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which she’ll show you exactly how to write your amazing book. One
that catapults you and your business forward like nothing else can.

Specifically, she’ll show you:

* How to clarify your message-based mission and take action that
makes it real…
* The critical key for creating an aligned and successful book and
* One simple “secret” that makes writing easier than you ever
thought it could be…
* How to gain crystal clarity on your book’s core message…
* The best way to transform distant readers into raving fans…

This is a rare invitation. The training is Monday, May 17 – Friday,
May 21, and when it’s over, it’s over. Christine has done a free
training like this only twice before, and she may never do it again.
You don’t want to miss this!

So if you have a book stuck inside of you, I encourage you to register
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_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. If you don’t know Christine, she’s a transformational author
coach and award-winning publisher who has been endorsed by top thought
leaders like Neale Donald Walsch, Arielle Ford, Lisa Nichols, Gay
Hendricks, SARK, Michael Gerber and many others.

She gave me a preview of what she’ll be covering AND showed me what
happened after her last event like this. And, I must admit, I’m not
easily impressed… but I was BLOWN AWAY! What you’ll get – over 5
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