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Hi Blog,

If you ever thought about launching a course — or you’re already hot on the trail — How do you know you’re on track for creating a profitable, transformational course that’s a win:win for you and your students?

Well, here are a few key indicators…

* You’ve confirmed that the people you want to help actually want the course you’re building. * You have a clear promise about the transformation students can expect… and a step-by-step system to deliver it. * You keep getting wonderful testimonials from your students… and referrals!

When you really think about it, making sure you’re on track with milestones like these can make all the difference between a course that creates greater impact, freedom and income…

And a disappointing, waste of your time, energy, and resources.

I want YOU to succeed in every way possible, so that’s why I recommend you join Danny Iny for his new training today.

It’s called the “5-Star Course Formula” and it takes place live at 2pm Eastern (11am PST)… today!

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In the training, Danny will share his secrets for building a profitable, top-shelf course students eagerly jump into.

You’ll also learn:

* The MOST COMMON AND FATAL MISTAKE THAT COURSE BUILDERS MAKE BEFORE THEY LAUNCH… and how to avoid it * What makes for a truly “REFERABLE” COURSE… one that has new students knocking on your door and filling up your waitlists * The “BACKWARD SCAFFOLDING” METHOD you can use to quickly outline your entire course * 3 key learning strategies every quality course should have… so that your students actually get the transformation they’re hoping for * How to LAUNCH FASTER WITH THE “SPAGHETTI AGAINST THE WALL” METHOD (and no, it’s not about trying everything to see what sticks!) * How to keep your students motivated enough to finish your course, using a little-known Japanese “continual improvement” philosophy * How to engage students in the face of DIGITAL OVERWHELM AND ZOOM FATIGUE… especially critical in 2021 * Why gamification isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and what to do instead to create a truly impactful course that changes your students’ lives * The course completion challenge you can use to MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENTS GET RESULTS… so that they’ll happily provide testimonials and referrals * … and more!

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No more guessing, finger-crossing or wrong turns! This training is exactly what you need to launch a successful, money-making course students love.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


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https://mirasee.com/2021/cbm/5starformula-w?AFFID=491016 [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/pvfPiDb8JVdT/DGoV]