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Hi Blog,

This past Thursday a confirmation email came in for my latest anthology project, _THE ENTREPRENEUR CODE._

I had to look twice, because I was sure she had already joined (and paid) once before.

When I checked, I was correct.

So I muttered to myself…

_A deal so nice she bought it twice._

Then I contacted her and refunded the second purchase.

To which she said,

_“Hahaha! I don’t recall buying it but it was too good to miss! I’m a rock star already with 5 books published within 2 years to my name!”_

She is a rock star by the way.

In fact, she has taken part in multiple anthologies I have hosted.

That was a moment of pride for me, because it confirmed we create a quality book for our co-authors.

It also highlights something else we do.

She didn’t purchase on back-to-back days or anything like that.

I always give repeat contributors first access to any new project. So she had enrolled few weeks back.

When an author joins our Co-Author Project family, they also get a significant discount on future projects.

That is another unadvertised benefit to joining our anthology.

If it makes sense to get join this book, check the page out now. We close enrollment tonight.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. But no need to enroll twice!

Our latest anthology _THE ENTREPRENEUR CODE_ is open for enrollment this week. You can learn more here: HTTPS://WWW.CO-AUTHOR.ME [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/qQm3OoDip4lF/DGoV]