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Hi Blog,

There is this documentary on Netflix called The Creepy Line.

It is about how big tech social media claim to “approach the creepy line, but not cross it” in regards to your personal data and what they use it for.

It is quite disturbing.

It is probably worth a watch though.

The flip side of the creepy line is the data you want people to know about you, especially when it comes to your expertise and your business.

Whether you are a coach, course creator, thoughtleader, or any other type of expert….

_Are you doing enough of the type of data sharing you need to be?_

_How easy it is for people to make a first impression about you before even speaking with you?_

I am not talking about typical social media posting and telling each other what you had for breakfast.

I realized this as other influencers I reached out to were responding with things like:

_”Ray, I looked around online and I like what the kind of things you are doing.”_

_”Ray, I know who you are…let’s connect.”_

What I realized was they were really saying was:

_”Ray, I see your Amazon Author account and I see you have written a bunch of books on the subject of _________.”_

It is easy to see (or even assume) one’s level of authority online.

And a lot of that has to do with the number of books in your author library (those that you have authored OR co-authored).

It is also easier than you think to beef up the number of books your name is attached to or get your name as the author on that first book.

I made a short video about it here:

_How to add a book to your list of authored books_

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. Learn how you can add books to your library, which is essentially your online resume.

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