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Hi Blog,

You have probably heard the phrase…


And while there is some truth to it, the effects of hearing it are probably much more harmful than you realize.

It implies that those who know more people have some unfair benefit that the rest of us don’t have.

And that may be true for a select few heirs and heiresses.

But the reality is the majority of those “_who know people you wish you knew_” took some kind of action to get to know those people.

You have to take action to get to know the people you want to meet.

And it has to be authentic.

But there is more.

We have all probably fallen for the myth that either we have “the contacts” or we don’t.

_If only we knew this one person, they would promote our book or products, we would make lots of sales and everything would be OK._

What we all fail to see is that IT IS A PROCESS.

We want someone to introduce us to this famous person, so we can become instant friends.

The question is, _do you really know this person you want to meet?_

It can’t be something you “research” at the last minute.

Most of the time, getting to know someone is a process.

As I was thinking through all the people I wanted to meet at the beginning of my journey, I realized something.

Those I focused on, I met.

Many have become great friends.

But the first step to getting to know them (long before they got to know me) was attending events and learning more.

I watched people speak. I learned their styles. And I learned who I really wanted to get to know better.

And it was not because they were big stars, but because they had said things that resonated with me.

That is why I always attend every event I can, and especially the easy ones I can do from home, like virtual summits.

There is no better way to learn more about someone, and even find out how to get in touch.

From there, I always get on their email lists, and eventually I find the opportunity to introduce myself.

Sometimes it is right away, sometimes it is years later.

That is why I encourage you to start the process with some of your favorites now.

Here’s how:

Check out this group of amazing experts at THE GET PUBLISHED SUMMIT.

See who you like, and start the process of learning more about them.

You can register for free here:

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_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. Most of the people I know and partner with now are great friends, and it took me a while to learn about them and subsequently meet them.

It just requires you invest in the process and be authentic.

HTTPS://RAY.FM/GETPUBLISHED [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/PuGezvy4tMXc/DGoV]