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Hi Blog,

Saturday afternoon, I received a normal email receipt from WordPress, letting me know the post I added was live.

Working as expected.

But strangely, 21 minutes later, I received another email.

There was another post.

I use a bit of automation through Zapier to make posts, so at first I thought something was wrong with the logic.

Then I looked at the post, it was a short post about an “_abundance_” blueprint with a link to optin.

I tracked it down and realized whoever made that post had figured out a way to tap into my Zapier system for posting.

It isn’t that hard to hack, really; I created the Zapier logic for ease of use, not security.

It just had never occurred to me that someone would actually try to abuse it and post to my blog.

Never mind how ironic it is that someone selling “_abundance_” would need to _cheat_ for their business.

However, I suspect this person hired someone to get her leads, and it was that person using black hat tactics.

The bewildering part for me is…

_Why waste your time posting to someone else’s audience? _

_It is most likely completely unrelated to your target audience. _

Even if this person tricked someone into opting into that _blueprint_ (for the less than 30 minutes that post was live), that someone would probably not stay in that audience long.

Heck, if you are going to hijack an audience, at least hack into a blog that has the right audience.

Don’t they teach that at Cheaters 101 school?

Real audience building will come from your book, your virtual summit, your partners’ lists.

Not from ridiculous shenanigans.

And don’t let this worry you as an author.

That posting system was just a temporary, easy button for me.

I will fine tune it. It is unlikely to happen to you.

But it teaches us all a great lesson.

Your true audience will come from the people who consume your books, blogs, etc.

So it is important you get eyes on your book and build your own audience.

That is why I love book publishing, virtual summits, email list building and video.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


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