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Hi Blog,

Yesterday, I pulled out an old can of WD-40 to loosen up a couple of bolts on something I was working on.

That stuff works like magic.

In fact, they created it in a lab in San Diego in 1953 to prevent rust on rocket parts by displacing water.

The name stands for “water displacement, 40th attempt.”

It has many other uses.

If you have ever removed tape from something you just bought, and the tape leaves a sticky residue on the product, WD-40 is the best thing I have found to remove it.

It also removes tar, bumper stickers, kid’s crayon marks on walls.

It solves squeaky hinges (a little shorter term than graphite though).

Just to get things loosened up and moving or as a cleaner, I always reach for a can of WD40.

Speaking of tight and in need of loosening…

When I launched my first book, I figured that the will to spend money on Amazon Ads would equal sales.

If you have ever tried to run Amazon Ads, you no doubt already know this.

No matter what your budget is per click, it does not translate to clicks.


In fact, many times they will show ads with lower bids.


Because their ads platform shows ads it knows will get clicks over how much the bid is.

That means you can bid as much as you want, and Amazon won’t spend your money.

_What the heck, don’t they want my money?_

I asked that myself until I figured it out.

YOU HAVE TO PRIME THE PUMP FIRST, or more appropriately, spray on some “Author WD-40” to loosen it up.

I do this for my book launches using Bookbub, and a couple other key promotions.

I turn on some Amazon Ads, but I expect little from them until I prove to Amazon that my book will sell.

Bookbub and those other promotions act as that _Water Displacement 40th Attempt_ on Amazon.

It took me quite a few attempts to figure it out myself.

I share those in the AMAZON BESTSELLER FORMULA Masterclass…

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_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. By the way, most cans of WD-40 have a little red straw attached to the can by a small piece of scotch tape. The red straw is used to spray more accurately on small targets.

I have never seen anything more resilient than that small piece of scotch tape. I know for a fact the can I used yesterday is 20 years old, and that red straw still fits and sticks inside that little strip of scotch tape on the side of the can.

Grab Amazon Bestseller Formula now, and like that strip of scotch tape, it will be ready for you even if you don’t use it right away.

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