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Hi Blog,

About 15 months ago, I was working with a client who, from the beginning, had seemed to be miffed about spending money with me.

After a few calls, he went _“there”_ and asked the question…

_Exactly how much time will it take you to do this?_

He wasn’t asking because he was waiting for me to do something.

You have probably been in this situation before.


In his case, I mentioned it all depended on the client and the niche (which is true).

I also fired him as a client the next day.

THAT WAS THE LAST TIME someone asked me that question, and I didn’t have an immediate answer for it.

In fact, nowadays, I have two answers to that “how long will it take you…” question.

I use them interchangeably…

* You are asking the wrong question. You should ask yourself how much time it would take you to do it. Then compare that to my fee and see if it is worth your while. * _It has taken me over 5 years and tens of thousands of dollars to learn what I know. Would you prefer to go that route? (it may be cheaper)_

Either way, now if I have to answer that question, it is the kiss of death to that relationship.

I won’t work with anyone who doesn’t value my knowledge.

The irony is, if someone thinks they are paying you too much based on how long it will take you to do the work, not only do they not value your knowledge or your time…

…but by taking this tact they suggest that those with less knowledge are actually more valuable (because it will take them longer to do what you do).

Your skill makes you fast at doing your work, and more valuable. Not less because you take fewer hours to complete it.

Those types value money over time, and aren’t good clients for anyone.

Yesterday, we had a blowout on one tire on our trailer on our way camping.(the same thing happened last October except this time it sounded like a bomb went off).

We called Good Sam and got in the queue for roadside assistance.

About 15 minutes later, a tow truck pulled up.

He wasn’t from Good Sam, but just saw us there and pulled over to see if we wanted help.

He offered to fix the flat for $85.

Good Sam was probably a two-hour wait, but would be free to change it.

We paid the guy $85.

My time is far more important to me (especially in this situation).

Never did I ask the guy how long it would take so he could justify the $85.

_Was it worth $85 for someone else to do the work and get me to the campsite before sundown?_


It was probably worth a lot more, but don’t tell him that – actually we gave him $100.

In most situations, you usually have two choices.

Pay someone what they are worth or learn it yourself.

If it is something you might use over and over, that may justify learning it yourself.

That is why I suggest you consider learning how to launch your book on Amazon as a bestseller (there is probably a chance you will want to do it again).

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_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. Be sure to use one of those two responses above if you are ever asked to justify your fee based on the hours you take to implement it.

And once you know the Amazon Bestseller Formula, you will see why I don’t ever answer that question.

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