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Hi Blog,

I will never forget that moment.

It was November 2015, and I was attending a mastermind group of other “like-minded” entrepreneurs.

I took part in my first book just two months prior, _The Soul of Success Volume 2_, with Jack Canfield and around 60 other authors.

It was a bestseller, and I finally found a path that excited me (more on that in a minute).

Back to the mastermind, two months after the book hit bestseller.

During a break, one of the other participants approached me and asked what my business plans were.


The plan (at the time) was to ghostwrite and launch their books for them.

Her response not only shocked me, but became a rallying point in my career path.

She said…

_What are your credentials for doing that?_

She said it in a friendly way, but I knew what she meant.

Turns out, she was a journalism major and, like many who like the gatekeeper system of old, she did not like the non-journalistically educated writing books.

I suppose I was moving in on her territory.

My response was spontaneous and simple…

_“Passion and enthusiasm!”_, I said.

I read many articles back in the day, about what I call Write Privilege.

But I hadn’t experienced it firsthand.

It is this idea that you have to be a journalism major, or an English teacher or one of some other approved class to be allowed to author a book.

I am just happy I had come up with any response at all, especially to someone who was obviously talking down to me. This occurred in a mastermind group where supporting each other is the theme no less!

You and I don’t need anyone else’s permission to write.

Think of all the valuable things you can now learn through books and online courses, because there are no gatekeepers or permission warriors stopping the creators.

The funny thing is, I then asked her if she had authored a book and she said no; she was working on it.

Imagine that. She was judging me on my credentials, and in fact, she had none.

I looked her up a few years later, and she had published that one book with her partner. I had already passed 10 books by then.

Indeed, her Amazon book page told me she did not know how to actually launch and market a book.

That is something you will learn to notice quickly after going through the Amazon Bestseller Formula.

Once you set up a high-quality Amazon book page, the many others that aren’t stand out like a sore thumb.

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_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. The last time I checked, fairly recently, Ms. Journalistic Superiority still only had the one book, with an improperly prepared Amazon book page.

It just goes to show you, those that claim to have the _right_ to be authors and judge you may not have all that much expertise.

But you can…

https://www.raybrehm.com/bestseller [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/S8LXgOeRNndT/DGoV]