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Hi Blog,

I remember it very well, because it happens every time I write.

That little voice that says,_ _

_”This is no good. Who in their right mind would read this?”_

Or sometimes it shows itself in its most common form, procrastination.

_”I have so many other things to do, and so little time.”_

When we look deep enough, it is always the same culprit:

_Fear and imposter syndrome. _

This doesn’t go away on its own. In fact, it never does.

That is why I am always looking for allies in the publishing space.

In my mind, authorship is not a solo venture.

You will always need support and guidance.

Sometimes you just need a fresh path to writing as well.

That is why I love the unusual method my friend Sierra Melcher uses to write.

Sierra is the founder of Integral Women and Red Thread Publishing.

She empowers women through writing and publishing because she says _”the only thing you can really do with your story is own it.”_

A note from Sierra:

_”I help women do this fiercely so their journey and their knowledge can impact the world. _

_I started reading Ray’s books early on in my own self-publishing journey; last year I co-authored THE SUCCESS CODE with him. Now I offer very complimentary support in the writing & publishing space. _

_You wouldn’t believe how many women have the intuition to tell their story but hold off because of fear. _

_Every time I hear someone struggling to publish, I walk them through the 5 essential elements of a successful creative project. _

_What are the 5 steps? _

* _Prewriting_ * _Writing _ * _Editing_ * _Publishing _ * _Launch/book marketing_

_And what’s happening with a lot of writers is most of them start with the what if’s or the how am I going to’s and forget to just write and let it flow._

_That’s when I created the STORY INCUBATOR._

_In my live Story Incubator workshop, I will be helping women cross the finish line with their books. It starts in a few weeks. _

_You can find out more information here:_

_Can’t Wait? Book a call with me now & we can see if you are a fit for the program. _