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Hi Blog,

Before my online life, I had a career in tech, then sales, and finally as a real estate property manager.

I had real estate investments, so starting a property management company seemed like a no-brainer.

But what pushed me over the top on that decision was something the franchise owner said to me during one of our meetings.

_“You get paid first, and it is recurring.”_

The tenant pays the rent; you collect it, take your percentage as manager and pass the rest on to the property owner.

And it is automatic… ie. recurring.

This is an important focus for authors.

What a lot of online gurus teach is to give, give, give and hope to get paid last.

Recurring income should be one cornerstone of your author business, of any business. And royalties alone rarely ever suffice.

The sooner you start getting paid regularly, the sooner your motivation has a strong foundation.

In nearly every industry, it is much easier to sell to someone who has already bought from you than to acquire a new customer.

That is the topic of my interview with Stu McLaren.

He is the master of recurring income and memberships.

And it is much easier than you think.

This is all in today’s episode of Book Profit Secrets.

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P.S. By the way, getting a guy like Stu’s time for an interview is not an easy thing to do. Here, I opened that door using one of the connection strategies I will teach in my upcoming SUMMIT LAB.

I am opening enrollment for the pilot version of the course on Monday.

A pilot offers some great benefits, like more interaction with me and personalization for you.

Stay tuned.

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