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Hi Blog,

There seems to be a consistent pattern now developing.

Nearly every few months, Amazon changes something.

It might be the algorithm, it might be simply a cosmetic change.

It doesn’t always affect you, but…

_They_ will make it sound like it does.

Who are _they?_

The Amazon gurus who make sales to authors only on ads or the Amazon algorithm.

They will say something like:

_OMG… The sky is falling! __Amazon changed this thing, so you need this…_

They suggest it is time for you to panic (and buy more instruction).

Don’t panic.

I speak from experience.

I was there, always worried that Amazon would make or break my career.

If you feel it too, you are not alone.

But it doesn’t have to be that way:

* There is a reason publishers ask how big your audience is before they take authors on. * There is a reason many influencers have books ranked the same as yours, but seem to still fly high on the business side of things.

The reason is _Audience Centric Authorship._

When you engage and control your audience, neither Amazon nor anyone else controls your fate.

That is the subject of today’s podcast.

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